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25 Best Survey Sites | Top Surveys for Money (2024 Guide)

Welcome to Work From Home Review’s free guide to taking surveys for money. I’ve worked hard to help you discover the best survey sites for free.

If you have made it to this webpage, you are interested in making money online to either replace the income of a day job or earn extra cash on the side.

This is precisely what I am going to teach you how to do. But first, before you proceed, it is important to decide if online surveys are the right choice for you.

Typically, online survey-taking works best for those who:

If this describes you, you have made it to the right place. In this guide, I will teach you how to complete online surveys and get paid to take surveys.

Want to Make Money Online?

  • Survey Junkie: The world's largest survey site to make extra cash. Try Now for Free
  • Lifepoints: Answer questions about what matters most in life and earn free gift cards along with it! Claim Your Bonus
  • Swagbucks: Get started with your points today by shopping online, playing video games or searching the web. Claim Your Bonus

The guide is completely free, so do with it what you will.

How This Paid Survey Guide Is Different From Other Guides

This guide is different than most of the websites you are going to stumble upon when searching for surveys.

Here’s why:

  • I am not affiliated with just one particular survey site, so I will not urge you only to use a certain site. A key part of the strategy is signing up with numerous survey sites.
  • I will not make you give me your email address or subscribe to my blog to get the info; I am giving you the information here, no strings attached. However, you can feel free to contact me in the contact tab.
  • I have tested many different survey sites so that I can recommend to you the most profitable, reputable, and quickest sites on the web. These are legitimate online survey sites.

This will require some effort and is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme in the least. However, if you follow my strategy, you will get paid to take surveys, and you may find that surveys can be fun and make much more money than you would expect.

Best Survey Sites To Make Money

I would suggest signing up for all of these to start and see how many opportunities are sent to you. 

Most people get discouraged because there is not enough opportunity to make money, but if you sign up for all of these, you will have PLENTY of profit opportunities.

As you start to get into a rhythm, you can sign up for even more survey websites to get as many survey opportunities as possible.  Don’t forget to confirm your subscription in the follow-up email, or no paid surveys will be sent to you.

The great thing is, that there is limited risk. Since I only listed legitimate paid survey sites that require no fees, and you are set up on a designated account, you will not have to put up any money or risk to try this out. So give it a try, and enjoy your newfound income stream!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Of all the hundreds of paid survey sites available, Survey Junkie outranks them all. It is a legit market research platform that pays when they complete paid online surveys. Earning extra cash online with Survey Junkie is also quite simple – sign up, take surveys, earn rewards, and get paid.

Their surveys are short and simple and can be answered even during your short breaks in the day. You don’t need to change your entire schedule. The signup process is completely free, and you can do so through your email, Facebook, or Twitter account.

After the signup, you earn your first points by completing the profile survey. It will be crucial later when the platform wants to send you some surveys.

If you want to influence what products and services various brands offer, this is the way to go. Answer surveys and get paid for it. This online community has over 10 million users, making it an incredible platform to voice your views about the brands you love.

The average pay per survey here is between $1 and $3. And you can withdraw your rewards through PayPal or the multiple gift card options they offer.

The minimum withdrawal threshold for the reward is 1000 points, or $10. Survey Junkie is a subsidiary of “DISQO,” a consumer insights company that provides companies and researchers with credible market intelligence for product and service betterment.

Trustpilot rates Survey Junkie at 4.3 stars from an average of 41,647 reviews. Most survey companies can’t even come close to that level of support. It’s available for Australian, Canadian, and US residents only. Check out these Survey Junkie hacks to earn more money.



Inboxdollars Logo

With an average rating of 4.2 stars from 34,485 reviews, InboxDollars is also an excellent survey site. Most users recommend this platform mainly due to its decent pay and fast reward processing system.

And, although paid survey sites are not to be taken as the primary income sources, this can add some significant balance to your account.

The platform’s sign-up process is simple, fast, and 100% free. It offers a wide range of surveys to choose from, each paying a few cents. This means that you need to complete multiple surveys to accumulate decent rewards.

Get a $5 free bonus for just signing up.

The average pay per survey is between $0.5 and $5. Each survey is between 3 and 25 minutes long, and the longer the survey, the higher the pay. Also, several unique surveys can pay up to $20 each.

These are, however, only available to members who best fit the demographic profile that the specific company wants.

Some of the other activities that will earn you money in InboxDollars include:

  • Web searches
  • Playing online games
  • Downloading coupons
  • Reading emails
  • Online shopping

Since its inception in 2000, the platform has awarded more than $59 million to its panelists. And this is just for doing simple and fun things you do every day.

As for legitimacy, InboxDollars is surely a legit survey site. It is even recognized by Inc. 5000 for its outstanding growth. Read our full InboxDollars review for more information.



Lifepoints Logo

LifePoints is another incredible market research platform with more than 5 million users. The platform, like several other survey sites, rewards you for completing easy daily tasks that most of us usually do.

Even for just registering as a member, you get ten free bonus points to get you started. LifePoints was formed after a merger between GlobalTestMarket and MySurvey. These are popular, legit survey sites, which makes LifePoints a worthwhile platform to join.

The process of accumulating reward points with LifePoints is also quite straightforward. Just sign up, fill in those simple surveys, and get yourself some points. The average pay per survey is between $0.60 and $1, and the minimum withdrawal limit is $20.

They have numerous surveys for you and can be an excellent way to turn your idle free time into productive hours. Most of these surveys are less than 10 minutes long, and the points are readily available for redemption once you hit their minimum threshold.

Regarding payments, this platform is one of the most efficient ones we have around. Once you have enough points, the withdrawal process is easy and fast. You can either withdraw using PayPal or opt for gift cards from your favorite retailers.

In terms of online reviews, Trustpilot rates LifePoints at 4.3 stars from 27,973 reviews.

This, plus the fact that it paid its users over $28 million in the past year, clearly indicates that Lifepoints is a legit survey platform.



Swagbucks Logo

This is another one of the most popular paid survey sites of this century. Swagbucks give users an incredible chance to put back some bucks into their wallets without doing anything out of the usual.

They pay you to continue doing what you usually do – staying normal. Swagbucks main offices are in El Segundo, California, and it’s a product of Prodege, LLC – an internet and media firm managing several customer engagement brands.

Swagbucks pays its panelists for the following:

  • Taking surveys
  • Play games
  • Shopping online
  • Watching videos
  • Searching the web

You don’t even have to deviate from your daily routine. The only extra thing you need to do is use some of your free hours to complete simple surveys. The rest is routine.

Since its inception, Swagbucks has paid its participants over $449,514,669. Also, the platform offers over 7,000 free gift cards daily. All these make Swagbucks one of the best-paid survey sites in the market.

But is it legit? Well, that shouldn’t worry you. Swagbucks panel is undoubtedly a legit platform. By looking at its huge daily and monthly payouts, the platform is not a scam.

Also, various online reviews show users’ satisfaction with this survey site. For instance, Trustpilot rates Swagbucks at 4.3 stars from over 31,601 user reviews.

All you need is to sign up, take surveys, shop online, search the web, or watch some videos, and you get paid. You can redeem your rewards as gift cards or via PayPal. The average pay per survey here is between $1 and $3.


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Toluna Logo

With its good online ratings, decent pay-per-survey, and numerous reward payment options, Toluna easily clinched a slot in the top 25 list.

This platform gives you an amazing opportunity to influence the actions of various big brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Expedia, etc. They pay you for your genuine opinion. Some of the main ways to make money with Toluna include:

  • Taking various surveys
  • Inviting friends
  • Participating in polls
  • Sweepstakes
  • Playing games, etc.

Better still, unlike other survey sites, this platform allows its users to create content. For instance, you can create polls and make money from them. Quality content can earn you even up to 1000 Toluna points.

The pay per survey varies significantly depending on their length, with most surveys ranking between 1000 and 50,000 points. On the other hand, daily sweepstakes can garner up to 1,000,000 points if you win.

For every 95,000 points, you get $30. This means that if you can complete several surveys worth 50,000 points each, you can easily add a significant balance to your account.

So, if you can participate in all the money-making opportunities on this platform, you can receive handsome rewards.

Also, you don’t have to worry about lengthy rewards processing periods. The platform’s reward system is efficient and straightforward. You can redeem your points, including cash, via PayPal, gift cards, etc.

The platform is available for people residing in the US, Canada, the UK, and a few other countries.



Prizerebel Logo

Since its first launch in 2007, PrizeRebel has tremendously grown to over 10 million users. The platform, which boasts of its well-paid surveys, has, over the years, paid more than $22 million in rewards to its members.

Earning with PrizeRebel is as easy as watching that cool video during the day. Quickly sign up in less than 10 seconds, complete simple surveys, and get reward points that you can redeem as gift cards or cash.

Apart from the surveys, you can make more money by watching videos and inviting friends or getting promo codes. Once you’ve earned your points, you can receive the reward via PayPal or Direct bank deposits as cash or through Visa and Amazon gift cards.

They have over 504 gift cards you can choose from. PrizeRebel is one of the few survey sites that send your money instantly without much delay. If you want, you can become one of the platform’s influencers and make some money while relaxing.

Signing up for this platform is easy first, and you can do it using your email or Facebook account. With a membership of over 10.7 million, the platform is quite popular, and people are making some good bucks here.

Online reviews put the platform at 3.8 stars, and membership is available for residents in 24 countries. These include the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, etc.


Vindale Research

Vindale Research Logo

This is one of the few survey sites which don’t use points as a means of rewarding users. For any activity you undertake in Vindale Research, your rewards appear in dollars, not points. This means that you can instantly know what your account holds without having to convert points into cash.

The pay per survey here ranges from $0.50 to $50, depending on the length, demographics, and topic complexity. This means that some surveys will earn you more, depending on where you are, as well as the topic. For instance, political surveys earn you $10, fashion surveys $2, and electronic surveys make you $14.

Here, you can influence some of the most renowned brands and companies worldwide and receive cash rewards for that. But, despite surveys being the primary feature of this platform, you can also make money through these other activities:

  • Participating in polls
  • Reading mails
  • Watching online videos
  • Referring friends

Every time a person signs up for Vindale Research through your link, you receive a bonus. And even for simply signing up yourself, you’ll receive a $1 bonus. This makes the platform one of the most loved online survey sites.

According to Trustpilot reviews, Vindale Research is rated at 3.6 stars from over 4,603 reviews, and not without a good reason. The company is consistent and straightforward in what they do.

They don’t joke around with people’s rewards – you get what you’ve earned without delays. They have already paid $7,939,326+ to its members since it started.


PineCone Research

Pinecone Research New Logo

If you want to be among the first to review and test emerging products and service concepts, PineCone Research gives you that chance. It is one of the most popular survey platforms that offer quite decent rewards for its members. Pinecone Research is headquartered in New York.

This paid survey site allows members to make money for just voicing their views. It is an incredible way to make money online without much hassle. Each survey will easily earn you $3 within just 15 minutes.

Unlike most other survey platforms, with PineCone Research, you have the best chance to influence products that enter the market. Your opinion acts as input to companies seeking to introduce new products or services. You also get an amazing chance to test products before everyone else.

The only drawback with this survey site is that you must get an invitation before joining. You can’t just visit its website and sign in. Also, PineCone Research membership is restricted to specific regions, which also varies depending on the targeted market.

However, once you join, there are numerous surveys for money and rewards ready for you.

But you’ll need to do a pre-qualification test each month, and all their surveys are invite-based. This means that you receive only the surveys that fit your profile.

The major disadvantage of their system of allocating surveys is that you must be qualified to take it. As a result, there are no disqualifications like there are on other legitimate survey sites.

Like what you hear? Read more in this Pinecone Research review.



Mypoints Logo

Having been in the industry for over two decades, MyPoints is among the oldest survey platforms. Not only that, but it also has an impressive record of offering numerous surveys and paying its members.

The platform pays for surveys completed, watching videos, participation in polls, online shopping, etc. With a signup bonus of $10, MyPoints is attractive. You earn even more rewards when you undertake those simple tasks – tasks that you’d still have done anyway.

Since its establishment, MyPoints has paid more than $236 million to its panelists in cash and gift cards. This shows that the platform is not only legit but that it also pays decent amounts.

The average pay per survey is around $2.5, with a minimum withdrawal limit of $3. You’ll also get another $5 bonus for completing the first five surveys.

So, if you have some free time, MyPoints may help you earn extra money by taking surveys. Besides surveys, online shopping is another great money-making opportunity with MyPoints. The platform allows you to get back up to 40% of your purchases at over 2000 retail points.

Through their app, you’ll never miss the latest sale deals, promo codes, coupons, and other offers. MyPoints allows you to earn points every time you spend a dollar shopping. The more you shop, the more points you get into your account.

Currently, the platform offers new members 1,750 points for every $20 spent on shopping via the MyPoints site within the initial 30 days. This survey site is rated 4.4 stars in Trustpilot.

Read more in this MyPoints review.


Opinion Outpost

Opinionoutpost Logo

Want to earn rocking rewards for just sharing your opinion? Opinion Outpost is one great platform for that and is considered one of the best survey sites on the market.

Opinion Outpost, which is rated 3.5 stars by Trustpilot, is an incredible online survey site that makes earning money online such simple tasks, and they offer a ton of different survey opportunities.

They offer several opportunities to help you make extra bucks, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Product trials
  • Watching ads
  • Referring friends

Through these activities, you earn points that you can exchange for cash or gift cards. Whether you wish to withdraw your rewards as cash through PayPal or get gift cards for popular retailers, the choice is yours.

The platform is popular for its well-paying surveys, although you have to qualify for them. The signup process is easy and free, and you even get a $1 bonus. For every referral you bring on board, you also receive $1 into your account.

For beginners, this is an excellent platform to start with. The average pay per survey is between $0.5 and $5. In addition, you can participate in various giveaways, which might rake you up to $10,000 every quarter if you win.

But for you to redeem your reward, you must hit a minimum withdrawal limit of $10 for cash through PayPal or $5 for gift cards. Every 100 points equal $1.

The great thing about Opinion Outpost is that it also has an ongoing initiative to give back to society. Every month, the platform offers $10,000 to the American Red Cross.

Want to know more? Read more in this full Opinion Outpost review.


Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Yet another one of the most popular online survey sites is Branded Surveys. This survey website can help make your free time more productive by completing online surveys for money. Established in 2012, Branded Surveys is available for UK, US, and Canadian residents.

This platform allows users to contribute their views about companies, products, and brands and make some extra money. An average survey will take between 10-20 minutes and can help you garner around 300 points. When you earn points, you can redeem them via PayPal or gift cards.

The amount of money that you can earn with each survey is highly dependent on its complexity, as well as the amount of time allocated. Longer surveys are rewarded with more points.

And, it is not only surveys that can make you money here. Participating in daily polls and referring friends will also add to your account balance. For referrals, you get between 50-100 points for each, while daily polls garner 10 points each.

For signing up, you also receive 100 points in your account, which can be redeemed once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. Membership here is divided into three categories – You are either in the Bronze, Silver, or Gold category. Every new signup starts at the Bronze level but progresses as one gains more credits.

The more credits you accumulate, the faster you’ll rise up the levels and the more money-making opportunities you’ll unlock.

One drawback of Branded Surveys is that some surveys might direct you to a new site altogether. If the new site is not user-friendly, this might put you off completely.

But it’s a great survey site to join, generally. Read more in our Branded Surveys review.



Surveytime Logo

If you want a dollar every time you complete a survey, then this is your platform. SurveyTime is a market research platform that is run entirely by to provide exclusive surveys for various companies and institutions.

SurveyTime is the only platform that offers panelists instant rewards for completed surveys. Once you are through with the survey, expect no delays in receiving your rewards.

But how does it work? Well, the entire process is straightforward. Start with signing up, fill out your profile survey, complete selected surveys, and earn your reward.

Each survey you get is specifically chosen to match your profile. So, ensure you offer enough details when completing the profile survey.

Like other paid survey sites, you will earn points for answering surveys.

Some advantages of joining this survey site include the following:

  • Easy means to make several bucks online
  • Its membership is available for all countries
  • You’ll never miss an opportunity, as they always send survey notifications
  • No delay, as they reward you instantly when you complete a survey
  • Surveys available both for mobile and laptop
  • The surveys you receive are targeted to your profile

Their reward payment options include:

  • Cash payments via PayPal
  • Bitcoin via Coinbase
  • Gift cards for various retailers such as Amazon, Target, etc.

These payment options will, however, change depending on your country of residence. You can select the mode of redeeming your rewards once you complete the surveys. This way, you can choose the one that is more favorable in your region.

The platform is ranked 4.4 stars by Trustpilot from over 12,302 reviews. Read more in this SurveyTime review.


Dabbl App

Dabbl App Logo

For those who want an easy tactic to earn some money through their phones, this one is a great choice. Dabbl is an app specifically designed for smartphones, which means you don’t need a laptop to complete the surveys.

Through this mobile survey app, you’ll get paid for completing short surveys, answering simple quizzes, as well as playing fun games, and watching videos online.

And as they put it, “they will help turn your downtime into gift cards.”

Dabbl App is a product of Adjoy, a company specializing in mobile advertising, digital advertising, and loyalty marketing. The app has made making money through surveys quite enjoyable.

No matter where you are, whether on a train to work or just having your lunch break, you can easily complete these tasks and make a few dollars.

The joining process is also considerably simple. Find and download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play, and you are ready to start earning. However, a US-based phone number is a must if you’re to get paid for your opinion and time.

Referring to friends is also a money-making opportunity for you here. You will receive 2,000 points every time a person who signs up through your link hits 1,000 points.

The points you’ve earned will be displayed on your Dabbl earning screen, and you can redeem them for gift cards.

Every time you hit the minimum limit of $5, the platform prompts you to choose a gift card from their qualified list to receive your rewards.

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Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos I-Say Logo

With over 3 million users, i-Say is an online survey platform by Ipsos that enables you to share your views and earn rewards for it. The rewards are in the form of points, which are redeemable either as cash or gift cards.

The average pay per survey is between $0.10 and $1, and with their short surveys, you can make some quick bucks.

However, before redeeming any rewards, you must first accumulate a minimum of $15 for cash withdrawals and $10 for gift cards.

Compared to most other sites, this payment threshold is relatively low, and one can easily hit that target. Once you join this survey platform, you’ll automatically be enrolled in their prize draws, which can earn you good points if you win.

Another cool thing about the platform, every time you hit certain survey milestones, you receive loyalty points. For instance, five successful surveys will earn you 25 points, while 100 successful ones will easily garner 300 points.

Our top 25 list wouldn’t be complete without this survey platform. It’s among the main polling firms in American politics, thus, quite popular. For those who want to voice their political views, i-Say is your best shot.

But don’t think that it only deals with political surveys. The platform covers surveys from various spheres, including products, major brands, and institutions.

Your earned points after the surveys are redeemable either through PayPal or the various gift card options available.

Read more in this Ipsos i-Say review.


Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Review
Nielsen rewards

If you want something that can make you money without doing anything, this is the platform for you. Unlike most other survey panels, the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel has a completely different working model.

With this app, you need to register your device and install the app.

This survey panel is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that allow you to earn true-passive income. After installing the app, you probably won’t even realize it’s working. It works in the background and doesn’t affect your device’s performance or battery usage.

Formerly known as Digital Voice, the platform is a legit one and is famous for the “Nielsen Ratings” it offers for TV programs.

Here, you don’t need to complete any surveys or polls to make money. Just installing the app on your device is enough.

The company rewards you with points for using the internet to search the web, as you usually do. If you register on a mobile device, you receive points that you can redeem for various prizes or gift cards.

The gift cards can even be worth up to $50 a year.

If, on the other hand, you register a computer, a single computer will earn you enough points that will help you enter the platform’s $10,000 monthly sweepstakes.

These sweepstakes give you a chance to win $1,000 monthly prizes. Well, $1,000 is worth the try.


Valued Opinions

Valued Opinion Logo

This 4.0-star-rated platform is another great survey site that offers you rewards for just voicing your views.

It is a legit market research company that pays its members for their opinion through redeemable points as gift cards.

Valued Opinions, unlike many other sites, doesn’t offer cash withdrawals.

Completing surveys will earn an average of $1-$5 for every successful survey. And to redeem the rewards, you need to reach a minimum limit of around $20.

Although the platform pays decent rates, it can’t promise full-time income. This means that you can only use it as a supplementary income source, as it’s with most other survey sites.

The surveys here are usually short and simple, and you can easily complete a few in a day – when they are available. They normally range between 10 and 30 minutes long and are less complex.

Once you register for the platform, you are prompted to complete the profile survey. This one helps the site to allocate relevant surveys based on the information you offer.

For this reason, they will only display paid surveys that match your demographics on your dashboard.

And, if you are wondering whether the survey site is genuine, the answer is yes.

Numerous online reviews indicate high user satisfaction with the platform, meaning that it delivers what it purports. If you need extra income, gift cards with Valued Opinions can be a great way out.

Read more in this full Valued Opinions review.


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Mobilexpression Logo

Making money has been made easier by some of these apps. Imagine getting paid for just sharing your surfing data. Sounds easy, right?

Well, that’s because it surely is. MobileXpression is one excellent survey app that grants you such an opportunity.

Just install the app on your smartphone, and earn some bucks.

The platform is designed to study and analyze the behavior trends and patterns of internet users through their phones. By giving them access to your surfing information, they can monitor and analyze how you use your phone to surf, how many hours you surf, and even which sites you visit.

I know that this might get you worried about your data’s privacy, but it shouldn’t. The platform has established a privacy policy and terms of operation that protect your data from third users.

MobileXpression is run by Comscore, Inc., one of the renowned market research leaders in the world. Their offices are based in Reston, Virginia.

Also, the app works perfectly with either Android or iOS devices.

For you to join the platform, you must be at least 18 years and residing either in the US or Canada. MobileXpression pays its users for the time they leave the app on their devices. For instance, if the app stays installed for a week, you receive an Amazon gift card worth $5.

If the app continues running past that one week, you also continue getting credits for each subsequent week.

These credits are redeemable for various gift cards, including Amazon and Home Depot.



Oneopinion Logo

Want to get some fast, easy bucks? OneOpinion survey site might be what you need.

The platform offers the easiest signup process among its competitors, getting you ready to start earning in seconds.

The paid surveys here are also quite short, with some lasting no more than a minute. For every successful survey, you earn points on the platform for PayPal or gift cards.

You earn an average pay of between 1,000 and 5,000 points for completing surveys. Every 1,000 points equal $1, meaning you can earn even up to $5 for a single survey.

Before redeeming those points, you must first hit the 25,000 threshold, which equals $25. Once there, you can redeem the rewards via PayPal or Visa or request your preferred gift card option.

Having both cash and gift card compensation options makes the platform quite flexible for most people.

OneOpinion offers an incredible platform to earn money, with interesting surveys and quick payment options. The coolest thing about this platform is that you don’t have to wait for the physical gift card to arrive.

If you are not patient enough to wait for around 10 days, you can opt for the Virtual Visa card or an Amazon e-voucher.

This way, you can get your reward instantly and use it as soon as you receive it. However, additional verification will be necessary for these instant payments, although it’s only a one-time thing.

The only downside with this platform is that it’s not among the highest-rated survey sites online. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it yourself.


Survey Club

Survey Club Logo

This survey site has rightfully clutched a spot in our top survey sites. The platform, which started its operations back in 2005, has, over the years, become one of the most reliable paid online survey sites in the market.

However, unlike many other online money-making survey sites, the platform doesn’t own any of the surveys.

Survey Club usually acts as a broker between the users and companies that offer the surveys. For over a decade, Survey Club has built a reputation for offering incredible paid survey opportunities for its members. And they offer more than just surveys.

You can also make some money testing products, and participating in focus groups, research panels, and clinical trials. When your profile matches a certain task, you’ll get an invitation for the same.

Note that the surveys you receive will be based on your demographics.

The average pay per survey in Survey Club is between $0.5 and $5, with a minimum cash out of $20.

Once you earn your rewards and hit the minimum threshold, you can redeem them via Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or travel miles.

The entire sign-up process is free, and once it’s complete, you can decide whether you want notifications sent via mail or text. Survey Club has an impressive online rating, with Trustpilot rating it at 3.3 stars out of the possible 5.

With over 16 million panelists around six continents, Survey Club has proven to be a legitimate survey site.


Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll Logo

This is one of the most legitimate survey sites that has been in the market for the longest time. With over 45 years of operations, Harris Poll has conducted numerous surveys and paid millions of dollars in rewards to its users. This is one indication that the platform is certainly legitimate.

The platform has, over the years, had its main focus on the Canadian and US markets, although from March 30th, 2020, it halted new survey offers on the US market. The Canadian panel is, however, still operational.

Harris Poll offers an excellent platform for users to contribute their views, get paid, and even see the survey results.

It is popular for political polls that allow people to voice their opinions and influence policies. But it’s not all about politics – there are various other market research surveys you can take part in.

Just for taking surveys and organized polls, you earn points, which are called HIpoints. These points can later be exchanged for e-gift vouchers from various retailers such as Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, and Starbucks.

One great thing about this platform, you get paid even for disqualified surveys. You will get an entry to the sweepstakes and a chance to try another survey.

Also, you don’t have to be too worried about your privacy. Harris Poll has your information protected.

They have several security features, including two-factor verification and user-based IDs. If you want an easy way to make some extra dollars with surveys, try Harris Polls.

Read more in our full Harris Poll Online review.


Pointclub Logo

PointClub is yet another great platform that offers easy online cash through paid online surveys. PointClub, established in 2012, is a product of Innovate MR, the same firm that runs iPoll. And like most other survey panels, surveys are the main feature of this platform.

Members complete easy surveys and earn redeemable points. Better still, the platform offers even more features that allow you to make online cash, such as Offer Board, Media Lab, and referrals.

For each successfully completed survey, PointClub awards you between 200-2,000 points depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

And for every 1000 points, you have an equivalent of $1. If you combine this with bonuses from consistent participation (streak bonus), you’ll have significant points.

Depending on the type of survey, it might take you from 5 to 30 minutes to complete one survey. Longer surveys always pay better.

The only drawback is that you won’t get your rewards until the survey is fully closed. This might take even up to four weeks to see your points.

But after your account balance is updated, you can exchange those points either with a gift card or make a cash withdrawal.

PayPal is the main payment option when you opt for cash. Processing all PayPal payments and electronic vouchers will take less than 72 hours. PointClub’s registration process is a swift one, and you get a whopping 2,000 points for free right after the signup.



Inboxpays New Logo

Taking online surveys for money is a fast and easy way to turn idle time into some incredible rewards. Since this is your relaxing time, you don’t want something too complex or tiring.

That’s why you need a platform like InboxPays.

This platform makes earning some bucks online quite exciting. They have simple and engaging surveys that won’t take much of your time and effort.

Also, they offer more than just paid surveys. You can also earn extra bucks through even easier tasks like playing games, reading emails, or just shopping online.

Doesn’t all that sound like fun? I know it does.

The sign-up process is also as simple as you can imagine it. Within a few minutes, you are ready to start collecting the points.

Registering for the platform is easy and free, taking just a few minutes of your time.

Once you’ve earned your rewards, you can withdraw them via PayPal. And the payments are usually processed twice every month, which makes it a reliable platform.

Although payments for these tasks vary, it’s not unlikely for you to earn even $100.

That is much more than many survey sites can offer per survey. This makes the site one of the several survey platforms offering decent pay for your time.

If that’s not enough, you also get an opportunity to “spin and win.” Through this, you can win the jackpot, clip coupons, etc. There’s so much you can win with InboxPays.


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Yougov Logo

Even those online survey topics need to be somewhat captivating. No one wants to answer boring questions during their free time. That’s exactly what YouGov offers – interesting topics every time.

The platform, which started its operations in 2000, is among the industry leaders in market research. It is well known for offering exciting topics every day, with multiple ways available to earn money.

You can easily find your opinions being aired in the local news.

YouGov prides itself on over 6 million users spread throughout multiple countries. This impressive number has seen it earns its credibility and users’ trust.

The platform works with numerous companies, brands, and institutions to offer reliable opinions through its large base of panelists.

Joining this survey panel is easy and free. Membership is also available for people in over 40 countries throughout North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

For just signing up, YouGov awards you 100 points, and from there, your balance keeps on rising with each completed survey.

Before you start looking for available surveys, you should first complete the profile survey that allows the site to send you relevant surveys. For every successful survey, you get easy 500-1000 points.

Besides surveys, referrals will earn you some bucks, with every signup giving you 2000 points. Once you hit their minimum cash out, you can withdraw your reward via PayPal or even lottery cards.

All you need to sign-up is your email or Facebook account. Read more in this full YouGov review.



Mysurvey Logo

Similar to most other survey platforms, MySurvey is an online research site that pays members for their opinions and time. Through surveys, polls, focus groups, or product testing, users can express their views about products, services, and other topics as required.

The best thing is you get paid for every task you complete.

With over 4 million panelists worldwide, the platform is one of the largest legit online research platforms. Every year, the company pays over $32 million in rewards, cash or gift cards.

If surveys don’t seem lucrative enough for you, you can try to supplement that by referring friends, participating in sweepstakes, or taking product trials.

Each survey can earn you as low as 10 points or as high as 500 points.

It all depends on the type of survey and the length.

As for the duration of each survey, an average one will take around 10 minutes. So, the more completed surveys you have under your sleeve, the more points your account will display.

Referrals can also add some dollars to that balance. For each person you refer, you receive 150 points, which is approximately $1.5. And once you have your points, you can redeem them as cash or gift cards.

If you opt for cash, PayPal is your payment option, while for gift cards, you have a wider choice.

But who can join the platform? Unlike many other sites that allow memberships from only a few countries, this one has over 40 countries on its list.

Like what you are hearing? Read more in this full MySurvey review.

VIP Voice

Vip Voice

Last but not least, on our top 25 survey sites list is VIP Voice. This platform is owned and run by the NDP Group, which features among the world’s largest research firms.

Starting in 1967, NPD Group is also one of the oldest companies in the industry and currently conducts over 12 million surveys yearly.

For every survey you complete, you earn VIP Points, redeemable as gift cards, prizes, or cash. This platform is, however, not as straightforward as its counterparts. The surveys are not assigned a specific payout, and the VIP Points don’t have a fixed dollar value.

However, on the brighter side, even if you are disqualified from a survey, you’ll still earn some points. The payout per survey will depend on your level, as the platform has several membership levels.

Every new entrant starts at level one but will rise as they complete more surveys.

And if you want to test your luck even more, the platform offer opportunities to enter various sweepstakes. You can use your points to gain entry to these draws, and you might win even better rewards. What do you think are the best survey sites?

Why should I take surveys online?

Online Survey Form Graphic, Best Survey Sites

Why can’t we use our phones and laptops to get paid services? If you’ve ever read a newspaper article or Reddit blog, you could find someone else to read it. You might make only $0.55 for just a few questions. When you watch a game on TV or wait to meet a friend in a restaurant.

Get a free sign-up bonus. If you can get a signup bonus, you don’t have to spend any money to get started. One of the best survey sites is Lifepoints since they offer $2 just for signing up!

Don’t expect surveys every day, though. You need patience to succeed in this industry.

5 Steps to Succeed with Online Surveys for Money

Enough introduction though; here is the tried, tested, and proven guide to maximizing your earnings with online paid surveys:

Step 1 – Learn How To Distinguish Legit Survey Sites From Unreliable Surveys

First of all, you must realize that all online survey sites are not the same. 

Many of these paid survey websites will try to get you to pay money upfront before receiving surveys. This is just a way to steal your hard-earned money.

That’s why all of the survey sites I will recommend are free to start and are proven legitimate businesses.

Here’s how these legitimate business models work:

  1. A company like Nike will pay a survey business for feedback on a product, service, or logo.
  2. The survey company will send surveys out to their lists.
  3. The members of the list will complete the survey.
  4. The survey company pays the members of the list for each survey they complete.

Now I will get to the specific websites that are free and legitimate in a bit.

But first, I want to discuss my personal strategy and how it differs from most people’s approach to online surveys.

When I first started taking surveys online, I was disappointed because the survey site did not send me enough opportunities to make cash. I was looking for a legitimate online job, and it just wasn’t working.

This was frustrating because I wanted to make my entire income online.  Then, I started to look at it as a legitimate business plan. I had an idea…

Why not subscribe to numerous survey sites to increase the number of surveys presented, and increase my income? I would pick only the top-rated, no-investment-required sites and avoid all scams.

So I got to work, did a lot of research, and found a few completely legitimate survey sites that required no upfront investment. I signed up for the sites, and sure enough, I was getting tons of survey opportunities every day.

After about a month, I could make a livable income from online surveys.

Income will vary, but this strategy will ensure you maximize your profit. Here is the blueprint I used to create my own online job.  Hint: follow this strategy!

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Step 2 – Create a Designated Email For All Survey Activity

This is a crucial step. You do not want to start clogging up your personal email with surveys, and you want to be sure to have every survey carefully organized in your computer.

This is why I always recommend setting up a designated account.

Before you start complaining about setting up an account, you must realize it only takes about 3 minutes!!!

Go to and create an account. For example… [email protected] or [email protected].

This is going to keep you VERY organized moving forward. Alright, on to the next step:

Step 3 – Sign Up For Legit Survey Sites With Your Survey Account | Get Paid To Take Surveys

The more survey sites you sign up for, the faster you will start making money. Since you have a designated account, you won’t have to worry about spam.

However, before signing up for every survey site you can find, don’t forget the golden rule of surveys…

NEVER, I repeat, NEVER sign up for a survey site that will make you pay money upfront. This may be a scam…

To make things simple for you, I have compiled a list of survey sites. I have included a thumbnail of each site so that you can be sure you are visiting the right location. These are sites I have used and found success with, so they should be a great jumping-off point:

Note: As your sign up for the survey sites, you may be asked to enter an address. The only reason they ask for your address is to know where to send the checks and rewards as you achieve them and to record your demographic.

There are plenty of different types of paid surveys to sign up for and complete. Make sure you are doing the right ones for yourself.

Step 4 – Start Taking Surveys to Earn Money

I found that setting a certain time of day when I would complete surveys helped me stay on track.

Handle it like a legitimate online job because it is!  Every night at 9:00 PM, I would look through my emails and complete all the surveys.

They took a little while at first, but then I got into a rhythm and was able to have fun with them, timing myself to see how fast I could complete them.

Now, I can survey in minutes instead of hours, and I now complete over 20 surveys every day. This enables me to make money while not having to work a regular job!

Step 5 – Cash Your Extra Money for PayPal or Gift Cards!

While taking surveys, you can make a decent amount of extra cash to help pay off your debt or save for retirement. Not only that, but surveys for money can be fun and interactive!

Because none of the websites I have listed require any investment, there is no risk in trying this out. You will find that surveys are one of the best online jobs available.

I created this website for a specific purpose: to educate others about an excellent method to earn extra money online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you make money taking surveys?

Yes, you can make real money by taking surveys. There are a ton of survey options out there that offer pros and cons. Use our free guide that will guide you through the best survey sites that are worth your time.

How to take surveys for money?

You can take surveys for money by signing up for one of the many legitimate platforms that pay you to answer questions. There are several high-quality survey sites that you need to consider.

How can I maximize my survey earnings?

To maximize your survey earnings and make more money, we suggest you sign up for multiple survey panels and stay as active as possible to get a chance at the highest-paying surveys.

What types of paid online surveys can I take?

There are a ton of different types of surveys you can take to earn money: sustainability, consumer preferences, political polls, searching the web, watching ads, and so much more.

Are other people searching for paid surveys?

Yes, in the world of making money online, surveys are very popular worldwide. There are millions of searches every month related to paid surveys.

Here are what some people are searching for that are similar to the “best survey sites”:
1. What are the best survey sites in 2021?
2. How do I take surveys for PayPal money?
3. What are surveys that pay the most?
4. What are online survey sites that pay?
5. How to take surveys for money?
6. Are Survey Junkie paid surveys worth it?
7. Is Swagbucks worth it?
8. Best survey panels that pay cash instantly.
9. How to take surveys online?
10. How much can you make with InboxDollars?

Which is the best survey-paying website?

For individuals who are looking to make more money, have a flexible schedule for surveys, or prefer lengthy surveys, this is the best option. People who want to maximize their income and see themselves earning over $20 per hour performing online surveys should consider these survey panels: Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, and Swagbucks.

Best for those who don’t want to do lengthy surveys or receive low-paying rewards (ranging from $0.50 to $2). The drawbacks of this sort of survey are the restricted number of incentives accessible.

Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

There are a ton of legitimate survey websites out there. The legit and best-paid survey sites have a long-standing reputation on review sites like Work From Home Reviews, which include Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Branded Surveys, and Swagbucks.

Are online survey sites worth it?

While many people who have never earned money from surveys are quick to say no, the best online survey sites around provide an easy way for anyone, even teenagers or stay-at-home moms, to earn extra income with either paid or free opportunities for participants.

The best market research companies work hard at being ethical and honest, ensuring that panelists are kept up-to-date with their balance due, that they will be compensated for the time given on the site, and that the best ones will give participants a chance to withdraw if necessary.

Which survey app pays the most?

I would recommend you join Swagbucks. You can sign up with them through your Facebook account, and after that, you need to start taking surveys and watching videos on their site to make money.

Depending on the length, you may expect to earn anything from $3 to $5 for each survey. Considering how simple they are, this should be no issue at all. You’ll also receive anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per hour viewing advertising across other platforms like Hulu or CBS!

Do you need to pay taxes on your paid survey income?

That’s a valid question. And with any valid tax question, you won’t find an easy answer. But here’s the closest you’re going to get:

1. Let’s file rule #1 under “better to be safe than sorry.” The IRS asks everyone to claim every bit of money they make. You have to pay taxes on it. This includes the five bucks you got for helping your friend move. The IRS says yes, you need to claim that!

2. Let’s call rule #2 the “not-so-safe, but more regularly used” approach.
 This approach suggests one of two things. Either you have to report it as taxable if you make more than $99 per survey, or if you don’t make that much, you do not need to pay taxes.

The second is if you get paid more than $600 by a survey panel in one year, then that panel will send you a 1099 tax form, and you have to claim that income.

Writing Off Expenses to Offset Taxes

Let’s say you end up claiming your income from paid surveys. Does that mean you’re going to lose a chunk of it?
Not necessarily. Paid survey panels will treat you as an independent contractor, and the freedom of this freelance existence is that you may deduct several things so long as they are directly related to your job.
Here are some potential write-offs to help you offset your taxes:
– Part of your internet bill
– Computer equipment
– A portion of your electricity bill
– Office furniture
– Even, potentially, a portion of your rent/mortgage if you have a dedicated office

By writing off these expenses, you can keep more of the money you made from your paid surveys.

The Nitty Gritty of Paid Survey Income Taxation

Let’s assume you’ve decided to claim your earnings, either because you’re cautious or earned a large sum of money (congratulations!). How do you go about claiming this income?

The earnings of an additional $300 per month for 12 months should be logged under “other income” on your personal income taxes. However, if you wish to claim deductible expenses, you must complete a Schedule C.

Another thing you must consider is 1099s. To cover your bases and to appear more like a real independent contractor, you should get 1099s from every paid survey company. If you don’t receive one from any of them, contact them to have it sent to you.

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