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Maru Springboard America Review 2024: Scam or Legit?

Is Springboard America a legitimate stream of income? Is it worth it to make an income off of it? Read this Maru Springboard America review to get the full picture.

Using and engaging with paid online surveys to make easy cash is a wonderful way to do so.

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Even though you don’t make a lot of money from this, it’s a fun way to pass the time, and it helps cover some of your little daily expenses. However, some surveys are frauds that do not pay after you finish a survey or a series of surveys on their website.

This indicates that before joining in, you should double-check whether that is real or a scam.

What is Springboard America?

Maru Logo 1

Maru Springboard America is a branch of Maru Group, a well-respected survey site and one of the leading marketing firms that participate in developing and enhancing research marketing. This is one of the most well-known survey sites out there.

Founded by Angus Reid, Springboard America allows you, as a surveyor, to take online surveys in exchange for what they call “survey dollars,” which in turn can be redeemed for actual cash.

You can also be entered into sweepstakes that Springboard America offers for chances to win large sums of cash prizes.

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How Maru Springboard America Works

Maru Springboard, as a survey site, offers services to businesses searching for a target audience with which to develop creative concepts and goods. The platform and its user’s aid in the gathering of critical information through questionnaires, allowing them to create and sell higher-quality items.

Users may feel comfortable that their information will be kept private.

All personally identifiable information is never shared or sold without your consent to third parties. Simply go through the Privacy Policy before signing up to ensure that your information will be kept securely. Maru Group collaborates with various organizations, including household names, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and media firms, to better understand their clients and consumers.

Maru Springboard, therefore, may share your information with other Maru Group companies and global brands. Maru Springboard is open to all age groups and welcomes users of any background.

Although Maru may ask you various demographic questions to organize their market research results, no personally identifiable information will be shared with third parties at any time.

How to Make Money with Maru Springboard America

Maru Springboard allows you, as a surveyor, to answer surveys in exchange for what they call “survey dollars,” which can be redeemed for actual cash. You can also be entered into sweepstakes that Maru offers for chances to win large cash prizes.

Simply go through the Privacy Policy before signing up to ensure that your information will be kept securely. Maru Group collaborates with reputable companies to improve consumer marketing efforts, which is very common with other survey websites.

You can earn money online with Maru by doing the following:

  • Take online surveys and answer questions
  • Participation in sweepstakes to win cash prizes
  • Referral and associate program for making money by inviting friends and new members to the website

Springboard America surveys

Maru Springboard America has a low invitation rate in surveys as a survey panel. Having a low invitation frequency is an indicator of a site requiring paid surveys and the potential for quality survey opportunities.

But if you want to sign up here, you can take some surveys here, which pay well for the effort you make. The site is a good way to earn reward points but has a lot of problems with the frequency of the possible surveys and in providing interesting surveys.

Prize drawings (drawn yearly and drawn monthly) and Participation Sweepstakes

The three types of drawing prizes offered by Springboard America are recruitment, participation, and profiling sweepstakes. You may win $1,000 in the recruit sweepstakes.

The competition offers ten players $10 each. In my view, the Prize Drawing payouts are under-appreciated, given that you’ll have, on average, need to luck into obtaining the prizes.

Most survey sites offer large prize pools as well. It’s nice to get something for your efforts. It’s also nice to win some money.

What is Maru Springboard America Sign-Up Process?

With most users praising the ease of use, Maru Springboard is simple to join up and start taking surveys. Maru Springboard is only available to students between 18 and 17 who reside in the United States.

You must be completely accurate, as your personal information will be utilized to connect you with surveys that are appropriate for your demographics. Maru does not guarantee that surveys will be available for users who accept to take part in its services.

If Maru Springboard doesn’t have a survey for you at any given time, the system will inform you immediately after accepting your request.

Maru Group is an expert in research and marketing, with Maru being one of their branches.

Fill out the registration form truthfully and contact us to confirm your registration. We will also e-mail and contact information if required. You must state that you are not engaged in marketing work. The registration form may be completed by filling out a few short questionnaires.

They cover family history habits, educational levels, and age. Maru Springboard will use these responses to match you with appropriate advertisements.

Maru Springboard may also ask questions about your personal interests and future goals, but Maru Group uses this information solely for marketing purposes.

However, Maru Springboard does not charge users any fees.

Who Can Sign Up for Maru Springboard America?

Any United States citizen eighteen years or older can sign up for Springboard America.

The minimum balance before withdrawing your hard-earned cash is $50, which can be achieved easily based on how commonly they send you surveys.

Their payment method is cash via check or through entering your name in sweepstakes, which can, in turn, earn you big bucks or grand prizes.

When Springboard America sends you survey email invitations, you need to accept them quickly to optimize your chance of earning.

Then, by responding to your invites, you’ll receive them more frequently, earning you more money in the process.

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How Much Do You Earn with Maru Springboard?

At the end of the day, Maru Springboard is an online market research company that pays its participants for completing surveys. Maru Springboard will not charge you anything to sign up, nor will it solicit money from you to participate in any of its surveys.

Although Maru Springboard says members earn $1 per survey, the amount earned varies with each study and is significantly lower than $1 per study.

Maru Springboard users earn an average of $0.50 per survey since they only accept members over 18, and most surveys are not related to participants’ specific demographics or interests.

Maru Group also does not guarantee that payment will be received for every completed survey, regardless of how long it takes to complete the survey.

You can use Maru Springboard to earn cash, for extra income, and as a means for making money online, just like many survey sites out there.

Maru Group has been around since 2009 and has provided marketing research to companies for over 10 years, which sets Springboard America apart from newer paid survey sites.

How Does Springboard America Make Payments?

Springboard America makes payments by cash via ground check, which will be sent to your physical address or sweepstakes.

The processing time for checks can take up to six weeks, but if you choose to be entered into sweepstakes instead, you get your name instantly entered, no questions asked. Springboard America gives you the options you want when you want them.

Can you use it on a mobile device?

Springboard America offers a desktop program that is both attractive and functional. Their mobile website is responsive, which means it looks good whether you view it on a computer or phone. Each page will display the material in an obvious manner.

It may be used on any device. However, it is only accessible in browsers. It’s more practical to take these tests from your phone instead of downloading an app to your phone.

Simply put, it helps you feel better about the time and money they spent providing you with the finest user experience and services possible.

If you join Springboard’s group, you’ll probably stick around Maru Group.

Pros/Cons of Springboard America

I’ll never consider Springboard America my main hobby, but it’s more like a charity you can do with your brands or other government bodies to help them refine their products and services.

Some pros of using Springboard America include the following:

  • Maru Springboard America offers a desktop program that is both attractive and functional.
  • Maru Springboard America has been around since 2009 and has provided marketing research to companies for over 10 years, which sets Maru Springboard America apart from newer paid survey sites.

The cons of using Springboard America is that not all users qualify for the full range of surveys – in other words, not everyone qualifies and can participate in their surveys.

Is Maru Springboard America a Scam?

No, Springboard America is not a scam. The compensation is fair, and it’s strictly up to you how many surveys you take to earn money.

They send you surveys via email invitation, and by accepting and completing them within an allotted time, you earn money or can enter into sweepstakes of your choice.

Thousands of members nationwide use Springboard America to earn money online, and now you can be one of them by simply signing up and filling out the surveys they request.

It’s easy and free, as Springboard America will never charge members just for joining their website.

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How is Springboard America Legit?

Springboard America is legitimate because they don’t focus on filling up their pockets but on helping to enhance and further the research marketing industries. They give companies, governments, and organizations the surveys you fill out so that they can further satisfy the consumer.

Ultimately, by filling out surveys through Springboard America, you’re helping to revolutionize the fields you take surveys about, such as technology, politics, or everyday products.

With Springboard America, you can help shape the world the way you want it to.

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How does Springboard compare to other survey sites?

Springboard America is comparable to other survey firms. There were a lot of client complaints about poor service on the Better Business Bureau, which is typical for most such survey sites. Payout difficulties have been reported, although it’s difficult to tell whether they are the result of a user error or not.

There is also no indication that any offer will be provided shortly because Maru Springboard has been around for a while.

Maru Springboard America Alternatives: Other Survey Websites

Alternative survey sites such as Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, LifePoints, and InboxDollars are among our favorites.

The best way to make money online from paid survey sites is by signing up for multiple offers.

Joining Springboard America will likely prove valuable to you. Still, the more you can leverage your survey experience across other sites, the more cash rewards you’ll be able to earn (and in various ways too).

Springboard America Review: Can You Earn Extra Cash?

Springboard America is a survey site dedicated to giving the consumer, the client, and the surveyor what they want before focusing on themselves.

By putting you first, as the surveyor, they ensure that both the client and the consumer are satisfied.

Join Springboard America and help change the world, one survey at a time.

Want to make real money with surveys?

Comprehensive FAQ Section

Who is Maru Springboard America?

Maru Springboard is Maru Group’s online market research company that pays members to complete surveys. Maru Springboard does not charge you anything to sign up as a member, nor will Maru Springboard solicit money from you to become a member.

What are Maru Springboard Surveys?

Maru Springboard surveys are a way to get money or enter into sweepstakes. They are done online, and you can sign up for free. Maru Group is an online research company that pays people to answer questions, but they will not ask for money from you to become a member.

How long do Maru Springboard surveys take to complete?

Maru Springboard surveys take approximately 10-15 minutes, and you can sign up for free.

Is it hard to make money with Maru Springboard?

Generally speaking, no. You can make from $25 to $300 for completing surveys. You must complete a survey every 3 months, or they will delete your account and your points. If you ask for a gift card, sometimes you don’t get the full amount of money on the card.

How do I contact Maru Springboard America Customer Service?

Maru Springboard America has a good customer service and support team. Support can be obtained by telephone or e-mail. The company also has links to social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Good Desktop App
  • Good Referral Program


  • No Sign Up Bonus
  • Limited Survey Options