Is a Legit Training Platform or a Scam?

Looking to get started with writing and turn it into a full time profession? Chances are you probably came across which is an online portal which claims to get you the required training, and the tools you need to thrive as a writer.

How good is the platform? Is it any good or is it a scam? In this review, we take a closer look at the system and uncover the truth which you need to know. Review - A Summary

Name: Writers Work
Founder: Unknown
Price: $47 lifetime or $15 per month

Writers Work is an all-in-one platform which provides access to a handful resources you will need to get started as a writer. If you've taken a look at freelancing and it sounds exciting, this website claims to bridge the gap between you and your goals.

They claim to get you up and running as a writer in no time with the arsenal of tools they have available. They even say you will be taught how to market your services and find customers.

To juice things up, they even have an affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer, you can simply sign up and promote the system, and make money on the sales you bring.

How It Works?

To get started, you will have to purchase the membership. It's either $47 one-time for lifetime access or $15/month if you opt for monthly payments. It makes no sense for you to get the monthly pricing option as you'll have paid an identical amount only after 3 months of joining.

There is no free trial, only the two membership options. You get instant access to a variety of tools which include a distraction-free text editor, online portfolio and much more.

For the new writers, they also have a training module which will help you get started in the writing industry. Once you feel confident in your new-found skills, you can then check out the list of websites which they provide. The website claims it can help you land a full-time job as a writer.

Features In a Nutshell comes with a handful of features which one may find handy. They have a tool called 'magical job finder' which can show you all the job listings under one hood so browsing between them is a breeze.

Nothing you get is exclusive though, don't be surprised to find the same job listings on free online job search platforms which include Craigslist and Indeed. This tool, however will surely help you save time as there are a ton of search filters to play with.

It also comes with an exclusive editor which is more than just a basic text editor. It displays word count, and a live readability score.

With the 'Instant Submission Finder', you can instantly find a list of websites that are more likely to accept your job application. That's a good concept, hopefully the company keeps their database up to date.

Other than this, they have an 'Online Portfolio' feature using which you can showcase your existing portfolio with an aim to stand out. However, you can do a lot better with free alternatives like Canva, which is among our favorite tools and resources for growing an online business.

Is It Worth Joining?

The negative reviews far outweigh the positive ones as far as this product is concerned. People complain about the refunds and upsells which the company says are non-refundable.

A lot of users say the training is pretty week and the information they provide is obsolete including which include expired job listings (What a great way to waste time!). Some jobs even ask for a journalist degree when you apply so it's definitely not for everyone.

The website doesn't have a free trial, if you're really willing to test the waters, you are more than welcome. This, however is a red flag as most fraudulent business opportunities claiming you can make money working from home don't offer free trials either. This is because one will instantly realize it doesn't work and they will bail out immediately.

The website has everything but an about us page which raises questions. Who owns this? Where is it located? It's pretty rare for a legitimate business to not mention this critical information on their website.

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. They do mislead people into believing it's a platform using which you can make easy money. They even say total beginners can start to bank hard with the system which is not true.

On top, they have an 'F' rating from Better Business Bureau/BBB so it's not very promising. F is the worst rating you can get from BBB so it's definitely something you want to stay away from.

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