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Contena Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Are you looking for an online platform to help you find freelance writing jobs? If so, you may have come across Contena. In this Contena review, we’ll examine what it is, its pros and cons, and whether or not it’s worth investing in.

Contena is a membership-based platform catering to the needs of freelance writers in search of remote work opportunities and professional growth. With its extensive resources, including job listings and educational materials, Contena aims to help writers find location-independent gigs and build successful businesses.

One of the critical features of Contena that sets it apart from other platforms is the Contena Academy, which offers training tailored to beginner freelance writers. It guides them in building a solid foundation for a thriving freelance writing career.

Moreover, Contena Pro is a valuable resource for optimizing their time and productivity in the field. This has led many freelancers to view Contena as a worthwhile career investment.

While the platform has numerous positive aspects, some may question its value, given that members must pay to access their services. Potential users must consider their goals and motivation when evaluating Contena’s offerings.

What is Contena?

Contena Logo

Contena is an online platform that connects freelance writers with businesses looking to hire them. They offer job listings worldwide and various tools to help you search for jobs, such as keyword filtering, geographical filters, salary ranges, categories, etc. Additionally, they offer resources to help you improve your skills and land better-paying gigs.

Many users have found value in Contena’s offerings, making it clear that it is a legitimate resource for writers looking for quality clients. The platform has a simple application process and many features catering to diverse writing job preferences.

In addition to providing job listings, Contena offers an educational aspect called Contena Academy. This feature is designed specifically for beginner freelance writers, providing them with training material and guidance on starting their own freelance writing business.

Some key aspects to consider about Contena:

  • Offers both part-time (contract) and full-time remote writing positions
  • The full-time positions found on Contena pay an average of $70,000+ per year
  • Job listings are handpicked and vetted by the platform to ensure high-quality opportunities

Despite its effectiveness for many writers, Contena may not be suitable for everyone due to its relatively high membership fees. However, it remains a solid choice for those willing to invest in a platform that streamlines the process of finding writing jobs and provides educational resources.

Pros and Cons of Contena

Contena Members Review

One of the most significant advantages of using Contena is that it makes it easy to find jobs that fit your skill set and interests. Their robust search functions allow you to quickly narrow down the job listings based on your criteria. This can save time and effort compared to manually scouring through job boards.

Alternatively, one potential downside is the cost. Although their basic subscription plans are quite affordable, their more advanced plans can be a bit pricey for some users. Investing in a more comprehensive plan could be worth considering if you’re serious about finding freelancing opportunities.

Membership and Pricing

Contena offers different membership plans for users to choose from. It is essential to consider these pricing options to evaluate if the platform’s benefits align with the investment.

Gold Membership

The Gold Membership is priced at $500 per year. This plan provides access to the job board and submission tab, where businesses and brands are actively looking to hire writers. Users can filter results based on desired rates, with numerous results appearing for several price points.

Platinum Membership

The Platinum Membership costs $800 per year. In addition to the benefits offered by the Gold Membership, this plan includes support from a Contena coach. This personalized guidance can be valuable for freelancers looking to hone their skills and find suitable job opportunities.

Payment Plans

Contena allows users to pay for their membership in installments. The Gold Membership can be paid in 5 monthly installments of $129 each, while the Platinum Membership can be paid in 5 installments of $199 per month. This provides flexibility for users who prefer spreading the cost over several months.

Other Membership Duration Options

Besides the annual plans, Contena offers a one-year membership for $497 and a two-year membership for $947. A monthly membership option is also available, starting at around $40. These alternatives cater to users with different preferences and financial commitments.

Money-Back Guarantee

Contena provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for their memberships. To be eligible for this refund, users must complete a series of worksheets demonstrating their efforts and commitment to using the platform.

As for whether Contena is worth the investment, it depends on individual needs and preferences. The platform offers a comprehensive job board and additional features like personalized coaching for Platinum members. Ultimately, potential users should weigh these benefits against the membership costs to determine if Contena is an ideal option for their freelance writing career.

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Pros and Cons of Contena


Contena offers several advantages for freelance writers looking to find quality clients and work opportunities:

  • Quality clients: Contena is known for connecting writers with top-notch clients, providing a reliable source of income for its users.
  • Simple application process: The process is straightforward, making it easy for writers to sign up and use the platform immediately.
  • Wide range of features: Contena offers features such as Contena Academy, which consists of training materials for users to enhance their skills and increase their chances of finding lucrative writing projects.
  • Remote job opportunities: Contena focuses on remote and location-independent jobs, allowing writers to work from anywhere.


Despite the advantages, there are a few drawbacks that users may experience with Contena:

  • Cost: The platform comes with a $100 monthly fee, which may deter some potential users from joining.
  • Refund policy: While there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, it may not be as simple to access as it sounds. Users must prove they have completed all Contena Academy exercises to access the refund.
  • Relatively new: Contena is a relatively new platform, and as such, it may not offer the same level of stability as more established freelance platforms.

Contena offers freelance writers several benefits, such as connecting with quality clients, a simple application process, and remote job opportunities. Factors such as its cost, refund policy, and being relatively new may cause some users to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to use the platform.

Contena Reviews & Testimonials

Contena, a platform for freelance writers and clients to connect, has been reviewed by multiple sources. Here, we gathered some notable testimonials found across different reviews and discussions.

According to Elna Cain, a new freelance writer who signed up for Contena Pro, it was the best-paid job board they have used, as it helped maximize their productivity with limited time. They mentioned it was worth the money.

Mrs. Daaku Studio, who signed up for Contena’s services, praised the platform for its training material for beginner freelance writers called Contena Academy. They found it helpful for starting a freelance writing business.

Reviews on Contena’s website also showcased positive feedback from users. One user considered Contena “probably the best website out there for finding freelance jobs.” They believed membership fees provided value because they streamlined job searching by delivering opportunities directly to the user’s email inbox, saving time and effort.

To summarize, some Contena testimonials highlight the following positive aspects:

  • Valuable for maximizing productivity
  • Offers helpful training materials for beginners
  • Streamlines job searching process
  • Appears to be a popular choice among freelance writers

Remember that these testimonials represent individual experiences and may not reflect all users’ opinions.

Freelance Writing Jobs and Gigs

Contena is a platform to help freelance writers find writing gigs and jobs. With a diverse selection of job listings, it caters to individuals seeking remote, flexible writing opportunities. The platform’s primary focus is connecting writers with content writing jobs, but it also offers resources like education and coaching with a membership.

Freelance writers can find a wide range of jobs and gigs on Contena. Some popular categories include:

In addition to these, there is a range of other niches to explore, making Contena a versatile option for those searching for writing opportunities.

To find writing gigs on Contena, users must first sign up for a membership. The platform offers two membership plans:

  • Gold membership: $500 per year
  • Platinum membership: $800 per year

Members gain access to Contena’s curated job listings, which are updated regularly to ensure that only high-quality, relevant writing jobs are shown. The platform’s team of experts sifts through job postings to find the most promising, well-paid opportunities for its members.

Apart from Contena, those looking for freelance writing jobs can also explore other content writing job sites. Some popular, free alternatives include:

While these sites tend to have many writing jobs across various disciplines, they may not be as specialized or exclusive as Contena. They are worth considering for freelance writers starting or expanding their careers.

Contena offers a valuable service for freelance writers who prefer remote and flexible writing opportunities. With a curated list of writing jobs and gigs and additional resources such as education and coaching, Contena makes it easier for writers to find suitable projects in their preferred niches. The membership fee may not be suitable for all, and writers can also explore other free content writing job sites to access a wider range of opportunities.

Alternatives and Competitors

When exploring the world of freelance writing platforms, there are several alternatives to Contena that offer various benefits and opportunities for freelancers. These platforms cater to different writing niches and can help you find the best freelance writing jobs in your area of interest. Here are some of the top contenders:


Upwork Main Logo

Upwork is a popular and well-known platform for finding freelance work in various fields, including writing. It offers various writing jobs, such as blog posts, articles, social media content, etc. With a large pool of clients and diverse job opportunities, it can be considered a viable alternative.


Flexjobs Logo

For those looking for more flexible opportunities with a focus on remote work, FlexJobs is an excellent option. They pre-screen job postings for legitimacy and cater to those seeking part-time and freelance opportunities. FlexJobs covers different writing jobs, from technical to creative writing, offering a wide selection of writers.

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)

Freelance Writing Jobs, or FWJ, is a platform that curates writing job listings from various sources. Their job board is updated daily, ensuring fresh opportunities for freelancers. Unlike Contena, FWJ is a free resource with a strong community of active writers providing support and advice.


Textbroker is an online writing platform that connects freelance writers with clients needing content. Writers can sign up for free, submit a writing sample, and receive a rating based on quality. Higher-rated writers have access to more lucrative job opportunities. Textbroker can serve as a good starting point for those new to freelance writing.


Contently is best suited for more experienced freelance writers seeking higher-paying gigs. Writers create a portfolio showcasing their work and Contently match them with potential clients based on their expertise and interests. Though more niche-focused, Contently can be an excellent alternative for those looking to expand their client base.

In summary, there are numerous alternative platforms for freelance writers. While each has unique features and benefits, combining these resources can help writers find the best opportunities that suit their skills and interests.

How to Use Contena

Contena is a membership-based platform designed to assist freelance writers in finding work and enhancing their skills. Users should follow several guidelines and take advantage of the available features to make the most of this platform.

First, sign up for one of Contena’s membership plans. There are two main options: the Gold Membership, which costs $500 per year, and the Platinum Membership, at $800 per year. Both plans can be paid monthly, but the Platinum plan offers additional benefits and resources.

Once a user has signed up for a membership, they should familiarize themselves with the platform’s interface. Contena’s user-friendly dashboard displays job listings, a learning academy, and other helpful resources. Users can filter job listings by category, pay rate, and keywords to find the most relevant opportunities.

Moreover, users should take advantage of the Contena Academy, which offers educational resources such as video modules, exercises, and templates. These materials cover various aspects of freelance writing, including finding clients, pitching articles, and setting rates. In addition to these resources, Platinum members can access one-on-one coaching sessions.

Other helpful Contena features to explore include:

  • Contena Alerts: Users can create customized alerts to receive notifications about new job opportunities that match their preferences.
  • Contena Submissions: This tool allows users to keep track of pending job applications and follow-ups.
  • Contena Rates: Users can find average pay rates for various writing projects, helping them set competitive prices.

To improve success on Contena, users should use the following tips and tricks:

  • Keep profiles and portfolios up to date, showcasing recent work and experience.
  • Personalize each job pitch to show genuine interest and understanding of the client’s needs.
  • Regularly check the job listings, as new opportunities are posted daily.
  • Network within the Contena community by engaging in forums or workshops.

Contena can be a valuable tool for freelance writers when utilized effectively. Users can increase their chances of finding lucrative and flexible writing work by using the platform’s features and incorporating the tips and tricks mentioned.

Is Contena Legit or a Scam?

Contena is a legitimate platform with real clients looking for quality writers. It’s worth considering if you’re looking for freelance writing jobs or want access to high-quality resources to help take your career to the next level.


How much does a Contena membership cost, and is there a free trial?

Contena offers three membership tiers: Silver at $99/month, Gold at $199/month, and Platinum at $499/month. Although there isn’t a free trial, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to test the platform and decide if it’s right.

How does Contena help freelancers find high-paying writing gigs?

Contena curates high-paying writing gigs by continuously scanning the web for the best opportunities and organizing them in a user-friendly dashboard. This makes it easier for freelancers to find well-paid jobs without spending hours researching.

How quickly can you find writing gigs using Contena?

The speed at which you find writing gigs on Contena depends on your experience level, niche, and the demand for your skills. Some users may secure gigs within a few days, while others might take longer to find the right opportunities. Being proactive and regularly applying for jobs will increase your chances of finding gigs quickly.

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