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Survey Allstars Review: Comprehensive Analysis and User Feedback

Survey AllStars is a site that promises to let people earn money by completing surveys. Many people wonder if this is true or just another online scam. After thorough research and reading user experiences, Survey AllStars appears not a reliable way to make money online. Instead of getting paid, users are often redirected to other survey sites or faced with numerous promotional offers.

This experience can be frustrating, especially for those seeking extra cash in their spare time. The platform does not offer a genuine member’s area as advertised, and there’s a misleading gap between what users expect and what they actually get.

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Survey AllStars, according to various reviews and personal accounts, doesn’t provide the straightforward earning opportunity many hope for. Knowing this can save you time and effort in seeking better and more honest alternatives for making extra money through surveys.

Key Takeaways

  • Survey AllStars is not an effective way to earn money.
  • Users often face promotional offers instead of actual surveys.
  • Look for more reliable survey sites to save you time.

What Is Survey Allstars?

Survey Allstars

Survey Allstars is a platform offering access to various online paid survey opportunities. This section explores what the platform entails, how to join, and what potential members should expect.

Overview of Survey Allstars

Survey Allstars claims to connect users with legitimate paid survey sites. At first glance, the platform might seem promising due to its name, suggesting it’s a hub for valuable survey opportunities.

But numerous reviews paint a different picture. Users often encounter promotional offers instead of direct survey opportunities. The platform might redirect you to other survey sites, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to earn money.

Some users argue that the experience isn’t worth the effort, citing limited survey opportunities and a lack of real value. If you’re considering this site, be aware of the possible limitations.

Becoming a Member

Joining Survey Allstars is free. Sign-up usually involves entering your email and personal details, expecting access to various surveys.

However, users often report that they are bombarded with promotional offers for other survey sites rather than gaining immediate access to surveys after joining. This can feel misleading, especially if you’re eager to earn immediately.

You get a lot of emails, not all of which lead to paid surveys. Instead, they might be advertisements or redirects to other survey platforms. A common concern is the sheer number of emails you receive, which can be overwhelming.

So, while joining is simple, the experience might not align with your expectations.

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How Does Survey Allstars Work

Survey Allstars Homepage

Survey Allstars connects users to a variety of survey sites that claim to offer paid surveys. The platform acts as a middleman between users and different market research companies. Users don’t earn directly from Survey Allstars but from the sites it recommends.

Survey Allstars Model

Survey Allstars operates by listing different survey sites that users can join. Once a user signs up on Survey Allstars, they get access to these recommendations. The business model relies on affiliate marketing, where Survey Allstars earns a commission for each user who signs up for the recommended sites through their links.

This model means the site doesn’t offer surveys but directs users to other companies. Survey Allstars makes money when you join and actively participate in those partner programs.

Earning through Surveys

You must sign up for the recommended survey sites to earn through Survey Allstars. These survey sites are varied, ranging in the types of surveys they offer and the pay they provide. Users don’t get paid directly by Survey Allstars.

Instead, the earnings come from the individual survey sites. Users typically receive payments through PayPal, gift cards, or other methods mentioned by the respective survey sites. As a result, the income potential heavily depends on the reliability and payment structures of the recommended survey sites, not on Survey Allstars itself.

Additional Earning Avenues

Some recommended sites might offer other ways to earn money besides surveys. These include signing up for newsletters, referring friends, or participating in special offers. Survey Allstars itself has started experimenting with quick poll questions to engage users.

These quick polls don’t necessarily pay but are designed to make the site more interactive. This approach aims to keep users engaged and potentially lead them to more paid opportunities via partner offers. These additional avenues may present some small bonuses but typically require consistent participation to be worthwhile.

Pros and Cons

Pros And Cons

Survey AllStars has a mix of advantages and disadvantages. While it does offer some perks, there are significant drawbacks that potential users should consider.


Survey AllStars is free to join, so you don’t have to spend money accessing its features. This aspect particularly appeals to those looking to save extra cash by taking surveys online. Another benefit is that it promotes legitimate survey sites. This means users can find genuine opportunities to earn money by following the recommendations given by Survey AllStars.

Another advantage of the platform is its ease of use. The sign-up process is straightforward and doesn’t require creating a password, which can save time for users eager to start exploring the site. Also, Survey AllStars aggregates various survey options in one place, making it easier for users to find different survey opportunities without scouring the internet.


There are several notable drawbacks to using Survey AllStars. One major issue is that you can’t actually take surveys directly on the site. Instead of offering its surveys, Survey AllStars only provides links to other survey sites. You must sign up for multiple other sites to participate in surveys, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Another significant problem is the lack of transparency. The site’s About page is vague and doesn’t offer much information about the company or its operations. This lack of detailed information can make users suspicious about the site’s legitimacy.

Additionally, the platform often bombards users with promotional emails, which can quickly clutter their inboxes and become annoying. Not all promoted sites are worthwhile; some might even be borderline scams. Overall, the experience with Survey AllStars can feel like a waste of time, as users may navigate numerous mediocre offers.

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User Reviews and Experiences

Survey Allstars Review

From what users have shared, Survey AllStars seems to have a mixed reputation. Some folks are quite disappointed, noting that the site mainly gives access to promotional offers and links to other survey sites. They expected a more straightforward platform to earn extra cash, not just a list of options.

One user mentioned an experience in which their anti-virus software flagged a link provided by Survey AllStars as a phishing threat. This can make you think twice about a site’s trustworthiness.

Not all feedback is negative, though. A few users appreciate that Survey AllStars doesn’t charge for its services. They see it as a directory of legitimate survey sites, which can be helpful to newcomers trying to navigate the world of paid surveys.

Here’s a quick look at different user sentiments:

User ExperienceFeedback
Platform NavigationConfusing and indirect access to surveys
Trust and SecurityConcerns about phishing links
CostFree to use, but focuses on email collection
Value ProvidedLimited direct survey opportunities

Survey AllStars is often described as an intermediary, pointing users to other platforms where they might earn money. Many experienced survey takers prefer to skip the middleman and go directly to reputable, paid survey sites.

Alternatives to Survey Allstars

Survey Club Demography

Many survey sites offer different benefits and features as alternatives to Survey Allstars. From direct survey sites to comprehensive platforms and specialized market research providers, each option aims to help users earn money through online surveys.

Direct Survey Sites

Survey Junkie is a well-known platform where users can easily sign up and start earning points by completing surveys. Points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or e-gift cards. It’s straightforward and transparent, making it a reliable choice for those new to survey-taking.

Toluna is another direct survey site that allows users to influence big brands by participating in surveys. It offers a mix of surveys and quick polls, with rewards provided as points redeemable for cash or gifts. The community aspect sets Toluna apart, where members can share opinions and content.

Pinecone Research is a bit more exclusive, often requiring an invitation to join. It provides higher payouts per survey than other sites, with payments typically issued via PayPal or check. Their focus is on product testing and in-depth surveys, offering a unique opportunity for users to provide detailed feedback.

Comprehensive Platforms

PrizeRebel provides various ways to earn money, combining paid surveys with offers, tasks, and referral programs. Users can redeem rewards such as gift cards or cash by accumulating points. They also have a tier system that rewards frequent users with additional perks.

Swagbucks offers more than just surveys. Users can earn points by watching videos, shopping online, and playing games. These points, or Swagbucks, can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. The versatility of earning opportunities makes it an attractive option for those seeking variety.

InboxDollars blends survey-taking with other online activities like reading emails, playing games, and watching videos. It provides multiple streams of income and pays in cash rather than points. This direct monetary reward system appeals to users who want immediate payment.

Specialized Market Research

Harris Poll has a long history of gathering consumer opinions. It focuses on in-depth surveys that influence government and corporate policies. Users earn points, known as HI points, which can be exchanged for various rewards, including gift cards. The detailed nature of their surveys helps users feel their opinions have a significant impact.

Panel Bucks specializes in market research surveys of varying complexity and reward values. It emphasizes quality over quantity, often providing higher payouts for more involved studies. It’s suitable for users looking to delve deeper into market research.

Panda Research stands out by offering surveys as well as other market research opportunities, like reading emails and participating in offers. It pays in cash, which is more straightforward for many users. Panda Research’s focus on diverse research formats provides a unique way for users to earn.

By exploring these alternatives, users can find a survey site that better fits their preferences and offers more reliable earning opportunities.

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Final Thoughts

Close-Up Of A Businessperson'S Hand Filling Online Survey Form On Laptop Over Wooden Desk
Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

Survey AllStars leaves much to be desired for anyone looking to earn money through online surveys. The site itself doesn’t offer paid surveys directly. Instead, it acts more like a list of other survey sites, which can feel like a bait-and-switch.


  • Free to use
  • Compilation of survey sites


  • Promotes other survey sites
  • It can feel like an email collection scheme.

Many users have pointed out that they never get to a members’ area. Instead, they’re redirected to various promotional offers and other survey companies. This can be frustrating if you look for a straightforward way to make extra cash.

Is it Legit?

Yes, Survey AllStars is legit in that it is not a scam. But calling it a fully useful service might be a stretch. It’s essentially another layer between you and the actual survey sites.

Safety Concerns

Implementing safety is crucial when using any online platform. One review mentioned a phishing URL in the list of suggested sites. This is a red flag that should make anyone pause.

Given these points, exploring other more direct and reliable survey sites might be better. If you’re serious about making money through surveys, look for platforms with a better track record and clear user reviews.


If Survey AllStars isn’t what you want, consider doing more research. Explore alternatives that have garnered positive feedback and can provide a more direct path to earning money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Survey AllStars has garnered mixed reviews from users. There are common concerns about its legitimacy and functionality. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What are common complaints about Survey Allstars?

Many users are disappointed with Survey AllStars. The complaints center around the lack of direct survey opportunities. Instead of offering surveys on its platform, Survey AllStars redirects users to other sites. One user mentioned their experience with an option flagged as a phishing URL by antivirus software. This highlights security concerns.
Another common grievance is the collection of email addresses. Users feel the primary purpose of Survey AllStars is to gather emails to promote other products. This has led to an influx of promotional emails, which can be bothersome.

How to log into Survey Allstars

Survey AllStars doesn’t have a traditional login system with a members area. Users sign up through a form. After signing up, they receive emails with links to other survey sites. This means there’s no specific account or dashboard to log into. The focus seems to redirect users to other platforms rather than creating a cohesive experience on Survey AllStars itself.
To access surveys, users must follow the links provided in the promotional emails they receive after signing up. This approach has frustrated many who expected a more straightforward process.