VisuaLab Review

This VisuaLab Review covers everything you need to know about this graphic & video creation tool. Read on to learn the ugly truth.

VisuaLab is a platform that can help you media creation for your marketing campaigns.

Let's see if this one's any different.

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab Review - An Overview

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Ali G, Yogesh Agarwal





VisuaLab is an all-in-one tool that can help you market a business online with graphics/videos.

As per the program creators, the standalone tool is easy to use, and requires no technical skills. However, it's limited in what it does and only offers templates and not much else.

It only comes with a bunch of templates that you can put to use. Unfortunately, it isn't as polished as it seems, and there are far better options out there.

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab Review

After all, who doesn't love videos?

Videos usually perform better compared to text-only campaigns since they encourage people to engage with them. With videos, demo/walk-through videos add an icing on the cake.

Here's what you get with the VisuaLab bundle:

  • Facebook cover page templates
  • Instagram promo templates
  • Name card designs
  • Video promotion templates
  • Logo opener templates
  • Branding video templates
  • Video intro templates
  • Roll-up banner graphic templates and much more

How VisuaLab Works

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab is not a bad product, but it's just a set of templates as you might have already guessed. If you're not adept at video creation, this is not for you.

Using these templates takes a lot more than basic Powerpoint editing skills.

These are hardly plug and play if you had those expectations. You'll have to manually register edits once you've downloaded the purchased template files on your computer.


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VisuaLab also offers a few upgrades/upsells:

OTO1 of VisuaLab gets you additional promo video templates, branding video templates, and video intro/outro templates to name a few.

OTO2 of VisuaLab gets you the reseller license that you can use to resell the package as your own.

VisuaLab Review - The Ugly Truth

As you already know by now, it's not a software or a tool. VIsuaLab is just a set of templates.

VisuaLab Review

VisuaLab Review

Then again, the template that it offers aren't the best, and you can get better ones designed for cheap on platforms like Fiverr.

If you're not a fan of video creation, there's no reason to think you'd love the process once you have these. It's far from being considered beginner-friendly.

Even if you give it a go, it will cost you a lot of time, and maybe some resources if you get stuck at any stage. It's a better idea to have a proper marketing plan, and then execute on it once the road-map is ready.

If that's something of your interest, check out our top recommendation instead.

It will teach you the ins and outs of online marketing, help you devise a killer marketing plan for promoting any product, and eventually help you break free of your 9-5 if you have one.

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