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108 Proven Split Test Winners Review – Is It Worth It?

108 proven split test winners is a free book by Russell Brunson who is the co-founder of ClickFunnels which is one of the better all-in-one marketing software suites available today for building sales funnels.

Click Funnels has it all – drag-and-drop funnel builder, easy-to-use autoresponder, and everything you need to grow a business online. You can check out our updated ClickFunnels review here.

Russell is also the author of Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets which are among the best-selling books in the US.

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If you’re unsure about the 108 proven split test winners book, don’t worry, we cover the details in our 108 split test review. The book doesn’t cost a dime – you can get it for free; you just have to cover the shipping. You’ll get a physical copy of the book. No PDF here!

Our review might just help you in deciding whether or not this book is worth your time.

What Is 108 Split Test Winners?

108 proven split test winners share the results of a bunch of split tests that were conducted – accurately 108 of direct response marketing.

Russell Brunson and other renowned marketers did some heavy split testing, and the results were bundled up in the book which he’s willing to give away for free.

The tests were done on the ad copy, squeeze pages, and sales letters and all bundled up in the free book 108 proven split test winners.

How Do You Use Split Test

You’d go ahead and test your ad, sales letter, and/or your optin page which is also known as squeeze/landing page by making subtle changes like on the heading, the content, or the call to action/CTA button to find out the winning ad (the ad which is converting better).

This is what a split test looks like.

Sign Up Computer Icon

Your goal is to find out what’s working best and what’s not working so you can optimize it and improve your marketing campaign. That’s what online marketing is all about – rigorous testing and optimization, so it’s more profitable in the end.

These subtle changes in split testing can be anything like:

  • Landing page’s background color
  • Call To Action button’s text and color – Buy Now vs Sign Up for Example
  • LP’s headline
  • FREE Trial option
  • Popup bar/no popup bar
  • Totally different landing page design
  • Text sales page vs video sales page/VSL

Key Notes

  • Look at each step in detail, find what’s missing or is broken, and focus on fixing it.
  • Build a mobile responsive version too – more than 70% of your audience will use a mobile device as it’s 2019.
  • If your current landing pages work well on both desktop and mobile devices, don’t reinvent the wheel and re-design the mobile version of your landing page.
  • Add credibility to your website by adding real video testimonials – social proof helps with sales big time.
  • Visitors who came from a newsletter are more likely to join another newsletter than someone who hasn’t joined any newsletters.
  • Make an offer that people can’t refuse, no matter what price you selling it for.
  • Be transparent with your audience – don’t give them a reason to abandon their carts because they find hidden shipping charges.

Is It Worth a Read?

Anyone who is a business owner, internet marketer, MLM or network marketer, or an entrepreneur, in general, will find value in 108 Proven Split Tests Winners.

108 Proven Split Test Winners Book

Anyone who wants to start an online business will absolutely love it, as it will take them in the right direction even if they’re a beginner and don’t have any prior internet marketing experience.

108 Split Test Pricing

ZERO! Yes, you read that right! You don’t pay for the 108 proven split test winners book – you’d only pay for the shipping. It’s $19.95 if you’re in the US or $29.95 internationally.

Note: You’d also be given the option to join Russell Brunson’s Funnel University program, where you can get a free 14-day trial, which is totally optional. Here is more detail about the full ClickFunnels pricing plans.

Final Words – 108 Proven Split Test Winners

We have no reason not to recommend 108 proven split test winners. You don’t have to pay for the book after all. There are gold nuggets all over the place in the book which you would absolutely love.

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Time is money. Split testing takes time and money, and it is like a shortcut that you can use to improve your results within days (and not weeks or months). Simply pick the winners and apply them to your internet business.

The strategies Russell shares in his book are worth at least 10 times the shipping charges you’d pay.

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