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13 Best Freelance Courses to Learn Online

Are you planning to start freelancing? If this is the case, I have created a list of the best freelance courses to help you start your new career.

Nowadays, free online courses scape is bigger than ever. You can do it all without stepping outside your home, from learning painting to getting a full-fledged degree.

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With such opportunities lined up, why not learn something to make money?

Most online freelance courses are free, charging only for the certificate, which is optional.

Freelance Courses

On other websites, such as Skillshare, you only have to be $8.25 per month to take as many online classes as you want. A few years ago, one couldn’t imagine getting free education online that could translate into monetary gains. Today, it’s a reality.

Let’s talk about the best free freelancing courses you can take to start your freelance career or quit your nine-to-five job altogether.

Types of Freelance Courses

You’ll come across different topics when you search for freelance courses online. While some are specific to a niche, others have a general approach.


These courses teach you skills such as copywriting or photo editing. For instance, if you want to train to become a freelancer in the film industry, you can take niche-specific courses like editing, sound management, screenwriting, etc.

Some of the best freelancing courses include freelance web development courses, virtual assistant courses, and content writing courses. You can also learn design-related skills, such as graphic design, painting, calligraphy, etc.


Besides learning a skill in a certain niche, you can also take an online course to understand a specific platform in depth. For instance, if you work on Fiverr or SolidGigs, you can take paid freelancing courses.

Solidgigs White Logo

Since Fiverr is a widely used platform, tons of courses teach you about getting gigs on Fiverr and topping the ranks.

Likewise, Freelancer and Upwork freelance courses teach you the nitty-gritty of these platforms.

General Courses

Lastly, you can take general freelance courses that instill independent working knowledge. Often, people are unaware of where and how to begin freelancing. Such courses give them a kickstart.

These courses teach you to make portfolios, price your projects, and find new clients. They also guide you on where to work and how to start a freelance business.

For example, as a college student, College Recruiter is the right place for you to find work. In contrast, if you’re a hardcore designer, you should sign up for DesignCrowd.

Design Crowd White Logo

As a beginner, you wouldn’t even know these names. A freelance course helps you explore these websites and start your freelancing career with sufficient prior knowledge to get gigs instantly.

In this guide, we’ll divide the courses according to their types to make it easier for you to find the best freelance course per your requirements.

Niche-Specific Courses

Niche-specific courses are the most common type of free freelance courses online. You can learn beginner-level skills from free courses, while paid freelance courses impart advanced knowledge – at a nominal price.

1. How to Become a Graphic Designer – Complete Guide

How To Become A Graphic Designer - A Complete Guide

Starting at the beginner level, this course teaches you graphic design basics. The coach, Lindsay Marsh, answers all your questions about design, including the required software, skills, equipment, etc.

You’ll also learn about cheaper alternatives, which is often what newbies look for. The class begins with an introduction to graphic design as a profession. Thus, you’ll learn about taking up design as a career rather than a pastime.

New Skillshare White Logo

Then, Marsh teaches you the step-by-step process of graphic design. Lastly, you’ll see the projects done by other students to get inspiration.

Platform: Skillshare

2. Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

Copywriting For Beginners How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy

Often, copywriters get quite cheesy while writing. While it may get you gigs with clients who don’t know better, this unsubtle writing style won’t get you high-paying gigs from companies with an influence.

That’s what Jesse Forrest, the trainer of this course and a copywriting veteran, addresses in his class.

In his course, he teaches you the fundamentals of web writing, helping you write emails, landing pages, and web pages. He also guides us on how to create headlines using three tested templates.

Later in the course, he explains how you can uncover the desires of your target audience and speak their language by using the exact words they use while searching online. More importantly, he differentiates between content writing and copywriting.

The course has thousands of students, possibly because Forrest offers something extra. He also teaches you to overcome writer’s block to get back into action once you hit a slump. After finishing this freelancing school, you’re guaranteed to become a successful freelance writer.

Platform: Skillshare

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3. Learn Kinetic typography and freelancing with Adobe After Effects

Learn Kinetic Typography And Freelancing With Adobe After Effects

It’s rare to find a Kinetic Typography course as an extra subject in college or an offered class at a vocational institute. However, you can learn from Shubham Ganer, a motion graphics web designer.

In his course, Ganer introduces you to Kinetic Typography and teaches how to make animate texts, add color to layouts, work with transitions, and make videos.

Towards the end, he has a lesson on how to start your freelancing career in typography. In a market saturated with writers and web designers, it’s hard to find guidance for uncommon skills like typography.

All you need are Adobe After Effects and Skillshare’s monthly subscription to kickstart your typography hustle.

Platform: Skillshare

4. Data Entry Course for Beginners

Data Entry Course For Beginners

Even if you don’t know about data entry, in this course you’ll learn to be a professional. The course expands over two hours and has seven sections, each dealing with a different aspect of data entry.

In the first lesson, you learn about the professional side of this skill. Then, educators show you examples of data entry projects. Considering the rampant scam in data entry, this lesson is a wise addition to the course.

Moreover, you’ll learn image conversion and other skills. To get some experience, you can complete practice files in class to hone your skills and make a portfolio.

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $49.99 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Kickstart a Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career on Upwork

Kickstart A Freelance Editor &Amp; Proofreader Career On Upwork

Created by Duncan Koerber, this class is a blend of niche and platform since it’s a course about freelancing, specifically on Upwork. You’ll learn how to make a bid proposal that attracts clients and gets you to work.

Additionally, Koerber teaches you about getting and maintaining your rating on Upwork. The course doesn’t simply guide you on how to get clients but also on creating a consistent stream of business with them.

Most importantly, the trainer points out common mistakes newbies often make that cost them money. Thus, you can avoid these errors and work more smoothly.

Although Upwork-specific, the course contains editing and proofreading knowledge that you can apply to other platforms with a few tweaks here and there.

Udemy White Logo

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $129.99. Often, it’s discounted up to 90%, coming down to $12.99.

6. SEO Copywriting & Content Marketing Course 4 E-commerce 2023

Seo Copywriting &Amp; Content Marketing Course

If you want to know more about SEO copywriting and content marketing, this course is for you! While most other freelance courses focus on one type of writing, this class focuses on e-commerce and content marketing strategy.

In these freelancing courses, you’ll learn how to optimize your homepage for better Google rankings. SEO is critical for E-commerce and will serve as the foundation for the success of all your campaigns. It’s crucial because, without a decent SEO plan, no one knows you exist and can’t find you in Google Search.

You’ll also learn how to use professional templates to produce content that persuades, attracts, and converts using your products. This type of online course is perfect for those who are into E-commerce or experienced freelancers.

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $13.76. Often, it’s discounted by up to 77%, with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Platform-Specific Freelance Courses

These courses give you insight into different platforms, helping you establish yourself even as a beginner.

1. Freelancing on Upwork | How to Build Your Profile and Write Client-Getting Proposals

Freelancing On Upwork How To Build Your Profile And Write Client-Getting Proposals

If you’re wondering how to learn freelancing on Upwork, where established professionals are already ruling the market, this course can help you get started.

John Morris, the trainer, explains the master strategy for ranking higher on Upwork by doing every step right.

The best thing about this course is that the trainer assumes you know nothing. Therefore, he explains the basics in introductory lectures, such as taking a profile picture and writing an overview. He even tells you which clothes to avoid when taking a profile picture.

Moreover, he explains how to write keyword-rich tags and titles. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to set up an Upwork profile and build rapport with clients. Morris also focuses on pricing the project and using search filters to find the best gigs.

Platform: Skillshare

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2. Fiverr: Freelance On Fiverr and Become a Top-Rated Seller

Freelance On Fiverr &Amp; Become A Top Rated Seller

Curated by Daragh Walsh, this Fiverr freelancing course teaches you the tricks of getting your gig to the top on Fiverr.

Additionally, you’ll learn why Fiverr is better than other freelancing sites and how you can increase traffic to your gig page.

Fiverr Logo

One thing that sets this course apart from others is it’s continuously updated. Since Fiverr keeps changing and updating its policies, it’s crucial to know how the latest version works.

The course contains nine articles, 2.5 hours of video, and a certificate of completion.

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $139.99. Often, it’s discounted up to 90%, coming down to $13.99.

3. Fiverr Freelancing 2023: Sell Like The Top 1%

Fiverr Freelancing 2023

Suppose you’ve taken all the freelance writing courses. How do you find writing gigs on Fiverr now?

The Fiverr Freelancing 2023 is a platform-specific course for people who want to be discovered by clients on the site.

Plus, it teaches you the skill of getting clients to place large orders and turn one-time buyers into long-term customers. Most other courses focus on creating new gigs, but this class centers on upselling your services.

Alex Genadinik, the coach, helps you use your gig extras to generate more sales on Fiverr. Moreover, he teaches you how to rank highly so that your gig appears in organic searches.

The course includes six articles and 2.5-hour videos. Since you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, you can always revise as required.

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $19.99.

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General Freelance Courses


General courses help clear your head and guide you on being your boss. Often, it’s easy to deviate from work or fall behind on deadlines without someone supervising you. These courses teach you how to avoid such issues.

1. Be Your Own Boss: Strategies for Launching Your Creative Career

Be Your Own Boss Strategies For Launching Your Creative Career

Martina Florr, the curator of this course, is a freelance illustrator who teaches you how to launch your career through freelancing. Initially, the course begins by telling you the right mindset you need to have to get somewhere.

Then, she talks about how you can build your reputation on freelancing sites. Moreover, she focuses on the creation and maintenance of an impressive portfolio.

Most importantly, the class focuses on finding clients – where and how. While most other trainers leave it there, Florr guides you on how to build long-term relationships with clients. Overall, it’s an elementary course for people working in any niche or platform.

Platform: Skillshare

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2. Personal Productivity: Five Exercises to Make Your Big Goal a Reality

Personal Productivity Five Exercises To Make Your Big Goal A Reality

The 50-minute course contains five downloadable worksheets that will guide you on converting your goals into a final product.

Firstly, you’ll learn how to remove self-doubt from your mind and figure out your real needs. Secondly, you’ll be able to redefine success in a way that reflects your passion.

Next, you’ll identify the ideas based on your exclusive priorities. Once you go to subsequent videos, you’ll also learn how to break down your larger goal into smaller, attainable daily actions to create a framework.

Lastly, Arends teaches you about staying motivated and gives tips on how you can celebrate the wins.

Platform: Skillshare

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3. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course

Seth Godin'S Freelancer Course

Seth Godin’s course acts as a roadmap for freelancers, making it clear what it truly means to be a freelancer. He teaches you how to take control of your work no matter what your previous experiences were.

Plus, he explains the process of choosing clients and how to push yourself harder to produce excellent work. Although intense, the lectures are amusing, keeping you hooked.

During the course, you’ll learn how to make your work more valuable and convert freelancing into a lucrative career.

Platform: The course is available on Udemy for $199.99.

4. Freelancing Foundations

Freelancing Foundations

More than exceptional work is required for successful freelancing. Join Jay Clouse, the founder of Freelancing School, as he covers the fundamentals of running a successful freelancing business.

Jay leads you through the basics of starting your own business, such as pricing, making proposals, what to include in contracts, and invoicing. He discusses optimal methods for freelance marketing, closing sales, and working with clients.

Jay also talks about what it takes to work as a full-time freelancer.

Platform: The course is available on Linkedin Learning.

Linkedin Learning Blue Logo

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Freelancing Courses Online

In a brief period, you will master how to become a freelancer.

A Guy On His Laptop While Holding A Coffee

An online course provides you with all the necessary knowledge at your fingertips.

It’s similar to having a GPS when driving. If you’re unfamiliar with the routes, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting lost.

You’ll save time by not taking erroneous turns and arrive at your destination much faster.

With online training, you may be up and running in the freelance business in no time. It is achievable if you work on it every day.

Attempting to educate yourself with free internet resources might be challenging. You are unlikely to find what you require in a single location. You’ll need to go through thousands of internet pages, video lectures, and other resources.

You’ll appreciate the ability to learn at your own pace.

Photo Of Woman Smiling While Sitting By The Table With Her Child

Most freelance courses are made up of pre-recorded lessons. There is no set or tight schedule to adhere to.

You can learn while working full-time, studying, or staying home with your children.

The courses and action items can be crammed into short bursts throughout the day to allow you to learn at your own speed.

You will be determined to act.

Man In Brown Sweater Looking At Time On His Smartwatch While Using Laptop

Many aspiring freelancers take numerous free courses and webinars, yet never achieve their objectives. It’s because free things are rarely valued.

Signing up for paid freelancing courses will increase your motivation to put what you learn into practice.

You won’t slack off or postpone since the notion of wasting your hard-earned money makes you grimace.

You’ll be part of a group of people who share your interests.

Photo Of People Using Laptops

It’s challenging to understand the freelance business if no one in your family or friends understands what you’re doing.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people and mentors since a course creator will create an exclusive online community.

If you get stuck on a specific module, all you have to do is express your concerns or questions, and an army of helpful and altruistic freelancers will come to your aid, aside from mentors and coaches. How cool is that?

You will be given a road map to success.

Woman Having A Coffee Overlaptop

The entire purpose of developing an online course is to provide a one-stop, all-encompassing, step-by-step instruction. It provides learners opportunities to become adaptable, flexible, and successful freelancers without waiting years for results.


Woman Having Coffee While Using Laptop

In this guide, we discussed different freelancing courses according to their types. Although free courses or online courses are available, paid courses are considered better. However, it would be best if you didn’t spend hundreds of dollars on courses before signing up for a freelancing platform.

Take it slow. Learn from these courses and implement them in daily dealings with clients, gig creation, portfolio building, and other aspects of your career.

As fun as it sounds, working for yourself comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re the mentor and the mentee. In that case, freelancing courses help you build or polish your skills to make your side hustle a permanent career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Learn Freelancing?

If you’ve already selected your niche or are experienced in a certain category, you can start by taking a niche-specific course in that field. However, if you’re unsure where to start, take a general course to learn freelancing basics.

After that, you should choose the platform you want to work on. Depending on your pick, you can further go through top freelancing courses related to that site and choose one. Taking it one step at a time, you’ll soon get the hang of freelancing.

How Can I Learn Freelance At Home?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to an institute to learn to freelance. You can pretty much learn everything sitting in the comfort of your home. Your primary concern should be what course to take to learn to freelance.

For instance, if you’re into writing, start by taking free freelance writing courses. Free courses sometimes lack advanced knowledge, but they help you get on track.

Once you earn something from work, you can take paid courses to enhance your skills and update your services. If you started with content writing, you could take screenwriting or web content courses to expand your clientele.

What Do I Need to Learn Freelancing?

In most cases, not much. Most freelancing courses will tell you that you only need a computer with an Internet connection to start working. If you’re doing design-related work, you might need a specific tablet, S-Pen, etc.

Other than equipment, you’ll also need certain programs and software. Again, for design, you’ll need Adobe or Illustrator. Initially, all you need is a passion for learning a skill.

Once it starts bringing in money, you can increase your accessories and supplies to make work convenient.

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