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Is Jenny Lewis’ Voice-Over Genesis Training Legit?

Is Jenny Lewis’ voice-over genesis a legit training for making money online? Our review covers it all – read on to discover more.

Although VO Genesis has little to do with the MLM (multi-level marketing) side of things, it still falls into the general make-money segment. It’s a product by Jenny Lewis, and her training teaches how to make money online by providing voice-over services.

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Many products require voiceovers – all the way from video games, documentaries, and promotional videos to television programs and cartoons. This means that there are numerous opportunities for voice talents looking to make money through their voices.

Our VO Genesis review will help you decide whether or not Voice-Over Genesis is worth giving a shot at. Is it the right path for voiceover talents? All in a bit.

In the meantime, doing voice-overs (text to audio) is the opposite of transcription (audio to text). If you’re interested in making money transcribing, do check out our transcribe anywhere review here.

VO Genesis Review: What Is VO Genesis?

Vo Genesis

Voice-over Genesis, or VO Genesis, is a simple guide that trains on how to work and make money from home doing voice-overs. You can make hundreds of dollars for a little 20-second audio clip and thousands for audiobooks. As a voice-over artist, the sky is the limit!

The actual creator of this voice-over course is Success Vantage Pte Ltd, although Jenny Lewis is stated as the owner. This is a company based in Singapore that was initially a digital education developer. However, the company has now diversified to venture into personal care products and health supplements through the Truegenics brand.

The course claims that anyone can start making money online as a voice-over artist. This can be in video games, commercials, radio ads, software audio, documentaries, audiobooks, or any other job that require audio recording. In essence, VO Genesis is a step-by-step training guide to becoming a voice-over artist.

How Does Voice-over Genesis work?

When you look at the course cover page, it doesn’t tell you that it’s a training guide. In fact, all it offers are promises of how you can make thousands of dollars each month from the comfort of your bedroom. This in itself makes the whole thing seem like a scam.

So, how exactly does this Voice-over course work? What does it offer?

Well, as I have mentioned severally, this is a training course on how to become and make money as a voice-over artist. Therefore, when you sign up for VO Genesis, you are not signing up for an app or platform that helps you to make easy money. Rather, you are registering for a course that teaches you how to make money through voiceovers.

In other words, you won’t make any money on VO Genesis. But, through the training, you can become one of the top-earning voice-over artists.

Here, you’ll find some decent tips about;

  • Setting up audio recording equipment for the best sound quality
  • Editing audio with a free editor
  • Eliminating background noise and pauses
  • How to use different audio tones which suit the job
  • How to provide the best delivery

Overall, this system is pretty decent for anyone who is looking to get started as a voice-over artist. But don’t just believe the hype, though! While the sales page claims that you can make $8000+ providing your services, it’s not all that easy.

You will have to treat it like a real business. In other words, you will definitely require some effort from your side to get any results, even with the training.

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What the Course Entails

Voice Over Genesis Book

The training includes 15 videos, which are mostly between 2 – 8 min long, plus a PDF ebook. Jenny Lewis (the author) also offers several bonuses that will only help in further improving your stand in the industry.

The ebook is divided into six chapters on;

  • Different types of voiceover work
  • How to develop your voiceover skills
  • An overview of the voiceover industry
  • Voiceover demos
  • Tips on how to build a home studio
  • Best ways to record and edit your voiceover work

Going through these chapters gives you in-depth knowledge of almost everything you need to become a skilled voiceover artist. However, things don’t end here. The course also entails a 15 videos section.

This section is made up of 15 videos grouped into five modules. Each video is between 2 and 8 minutes, although most of them will only be around three minutes. These 15 videos include;

1. First Module

This includes the first video, where the author explains in detail how you can sign up or register for This platform is one of the top online job marketplaces, where people who are searching for the best-paying jobs online run to.

Jenny also explains how you can make a bid and win a voice-over gig on the platform. That’s the starting point of becoming a voice-over artist and making money online using your own voice.

2. Second Module

After understanding how you can bid for voice-over gigs, the next lesson is on the basic equipment for the job. As such, the second module, which also contains one video, shows you how to use the basic equipment, such as a microphone and others that you need for recording.

Here, you will also get a demo of how to set up the equipment for recording, both on Mac and Windows devices. In addition, she explains the need for zero background noises and how to achieve that.

3. Third Module

In this video, the author explains the four different types of demos you should record. These demos include four different tones;

  • A natural-speaking voice
  • Narrator’s voice
  • Commercial voice
  • Selling voice

For each of these tones, you get a comprehensive guide on how to make them.

4. Fourth Module

After understanding the types of demos, you can record, the next video deals with the software necessary for recording and editing your videos. Unlike the previous modules that contained one video each, this one has more – there are five videos in this section.

In the videos, the author recommends using Audacity recording software, giving you crucial details on how to install and use it. The process explained includes;

  • Tips on how to remove background noises, including the sound you make as you take breaths.
  • Tutorials on how to edit and trim your recordings
  • Details on how to improve your voice using the equalization tool
  • The process of exporting a file and the best format to do so. Here, the author recommends WAV.

With these tips, you are now just a step away from making money as a voice artist.

5. Fifth Module

This is the last module of this course and contains seven videos. The videos are designed to help you take your demos to the next level. They offer tips to enable you to win more auditions and voice-over gigs.

Essentially, these videos teach you the following;

  • Why you should put emphasis on certain words, and the right words to emphasize
  • How to draw emotion from the listeners. Identifying how you wish your listeners to feel and put that in what is known as the “Sweet Spot.
  • How to be yourself during the voice-over recording and speak as though the person you are targeting is right there.
  • Adding intensity. You should be calm and use a quiet voice as you read your script. This makes it easier when you want to emphasize or add intensity to certain parts of the script.
  • Breathing patterns. You should only breathe during commas and periods.
  • Using a whisper. This makes your audience feel as if you are giving them some crucial, secret information.

This section also has more tips on how to make your recording more appealing. For instance, it suggests that you should emphasize nouns more than pronouns. The idea is not to sound more like a marketer but rather to be more authentic.

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How Much Does VO Genesis Program Cost?

Vo Genesis Prices

Usually, a complete package of VO Genesis costs around $39.95, but it currently goes for $19.55. This price is discounted from $97. However, you should also note that this is a front-end price that has three upsells.

The three upsells are as follows:

  • First Upsell – This includes the Voiceover Insider guide at $37. This guide is meant to help you double your income from voice-over work.
  • Second Upsell – This is a guide to multiple streams of income at $47. It teaches you how to create more than one source of income.
  • Third Upsell – The quick cash machines at $47. Here, you get at least five automated money machines that help you generate five figures income.

You will need all these three upsells if you want to succeed as a voice-over artist through the program. This means that the price indicated on the website is not the actual price of the entire package. Visit to purchase your VO Genesis program today.

Pros and Cons of VO Genesis

In order to understand this course better, our VO Genesis review takes an even deeper look. We want to know what makes VO Genesis unique, as well as where it lacks.

Here are the main pros and cons of VO Genesis.


1. Informative and easy to follow

The first benefit of any course would be to deliver what it purports to. And VO Genesis does just that.

The course is quite informative, giving you detailed tips on how to start making money and succeed as a voice-over artist. It gives you a step-by-step guide, starting from scratch to becoming a pro in the voice-over industry.

As such, VO Genesis is a great resource for beginners trying to become great voice-over artists. It even recommends the best platforms to search for various voice transmission jobs. This way, after training, you can easily get yourself voice-over gigs.

2. Teaches you how to Build a Home Studio

If you wish to start your own site or a home studio, VO Genesis helps you to do that. It teaches you how to use affordable materials to build your own home studio. And from here, you can start recording and creating your voice portfolio.

3. Ideal for Beginners

If you have zero prior experience with voice-overs, VO Genesis is an excellent place to start. Why? It offers a comprehensive guide detailing everything you need to do to become a voice-over artist.

In addition, it explains it in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing even people with the least knowledge about the industry to get started. Therefore, if you want to join this lucrative industry, VO Genesis might be just what you need.

4. Risk-Free Guarantee

VO Genesis goes a step further in guaranteeing your success. For starters, the author guarantees the ability to make extra money after going through the program.

However, if this doesn’t happen within the next 60 days, you can request a full refund within the same period. This makes it a win-win program for you.


Voiceover Recording

So, what are the main drawbacks of the VO Genesis program?

1. Too much Hype on Income

Starting from the program’s cover, the author makes it sound like it’s too easy to make money through voice-overs. However, that’s not actually true.

Becoming a voice-over artist requires your dedication and time. You will need to put in a considerable amount of effort before reaping any fruits. Therefore, even as they make it easy for you to navigate through this industry, don’t expect to make thousands of dollars in a day or two.

2. Income might Vary

After undergoing the training, not everyone will start making 8000+ dollars. Some will make way less, while others will achieve this amount easily.

In this light, start the program with an open mind to avoid disappointments. Ensure that after learning how to make money through this platform, you will not just relax. Rather, you will put more effort into making it work for you.

3. Basic Video Training

Some of the training videos are too basic. In fact, you can find other, more detailed resources on how to start a voice-over career online. Most of these will be free online resources.

4. Only Sold in Digital Form

While it’s a minor setback, the availability of VO Genesis is another area that needs improvement. Currently, the training program is only available digitally. This means that you cannot order a physical version of the program from the company.

5. Lack of Jobs

VO Genesis is actually an online income-generating blueprint. As such, while it teaches you how to start making money through your voice, it usually doesn’t offer job opportunities.

Instead, it will give you tips on the best platforms to apply for such jobs. However, it is not always easy to get these jobs. Some platforms will also have minimal job opportunities.

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Is VO Genesis a Scam?

No, you can make money online doing voice-overs for clients; it definitely is not a scam. But whether or not you’ll get results only depends on one person – YOU!

You get access to all the resources and other useful content which you need to get started in the business. However, to make real money out of it, you’ll have to gain some expertise – be ready to invest some time and trust the process.

And while the title of this program “screams SCAM,” it doesn’t mean that it is. In fact, most of the online reviews you’ll come across always detail how great VO Genesis voice artist training is. Most people agree that it’s a great source of work-at-home job opportunities.

However, while real VO Genesis voice-over reviews show that the program is genuine, it isn’t for everyone. For instance, it won’t be any good if you are not very comfortable with the microphone. There can be many reasons for this, the accent being one of them.

If you’re a native and have an interesting voice, then you can definitely check out VO Genesis. It can be a great starting point for your successful voice-over artist career.

How much Money Can you Earn as a Voice Artist?

Audio Recording Podcast

It is easy to make money as a voice-over artist. But, the income varies depending on experience and the type of job or gig.

Mostly, the earnings can range between $35 to upward of $5000. For example, a small market radio spot can earn you at least $35. On the other hand, a 15-second recording on a website can fetch you around $150.

If you are a popular or skilled voice-over artist, one audiobook can earn you from $2000 to $5000. Now that’s a good amount of money for a single audiobook. And looking at these figures, it’s true to say that a voice artist can make between $10,000 and $40,000 annually.

However, you have to be good at it to make this kind of money. As I said earlier, you need to put effort into reaching here. Buying and reading a single course will not turn you into a highly-paid voice talent overnight.

Like in most other industries, few people will achieve that apex pay. Only a handful of the best talent gets there. But that doesn’t mean you won’t make good money in the voice-over industry.

The truth is that it will take time. It will also require effort and perseverance. But with the right information, tools, and strategies, you can undoubtedly make it big.

VO Genesis is one program that helps ensure you have the right information before getting started. And if you follow the tips offered here, coupled with your dedication and a good voice, it’s possible to achieve the $8000+ that the program promises.

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Types of VO Jobs

When it comes to choosing the right voice-over job, the opportunities are many. While most of us will think of commercials or cartoons, there are many other opportunities.

Think of any other time you hear a voice but don’t see the owner of that voice. These can be anything from web videos, video games, audiobooks, safety videos, or even online apps.

All you need to do is to identify where your passion lies. Then, you can focus on that area, get trained, practice, and become good at it. Once you are a pro, you can be sure that the income will be better, and the hassle of finding gigs will also be less.

Is VO Genesis Worth It?

Voiceover Genesis can be a decent money maker if you’re willing to do the work and are comfortable providing voice-overs. In other words, the program is undoubtedly worth it, but it will entirely depend on your hard work.

If you want to get started with VOGenesis, click here. But if you know you are not cut for this, you’ll be better off doing something else and saving yourself $39.99. 

Remember, you’re committing here. You will need to work hard and invest some money and time in learning new skills. But you’ll master them in time after you’ve gained some expertise.

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