Is Jenny Lewis’ Voice Over Genesis Training Legit?

Although, VO Genesis has little to do with the MLM side of things, it still falls into the general make money segment. It's a product by Jenny Lewis and her training teaches how you can be making money online providing voice over services in 2019.

Many products require voiceovers - all the way from video games, documentaries, promotional videos to television programs and cartoons. Our review will help you decide whether or not voice-over genesis is worth giving a shot.

Doing voice overs (text to audio) is the opposite of transcription (audio to text). If you're interested in making money transcribing, do check out our transcribe anywhere review here.

What Is VO Genesis?

Voice over genesis or VO Genesis is a simple guide which trains how you can work from home doing voice overs. As a voice-over artist, sky is the limit - you can even make hundreds of dollars for a little 20 second audio clip, and hundreds of thousands for audio books.

Jenny Lewis (the author) also offers several bonuses that will only help in further improving your stand in the industry. The training includes 15 videos, which are between 2 - 5 min long. You'll find some decent tips which include:

  • Setting up audio recording equipment for the best sound quality
  • Editing audio with a free editor
  • Eliminating background noise and pauses
  • How to use different audio tones which suits the job
  • How to provide the best delivery

Overall, this system is pretty decent for anyone who is looking to get started as a voiceover artist. Don't believe the hype though - the sales page claims you can make $8000+ providing your services. You will have to treat it like a real business - will definitely require some efforts from your side to get any results with the training.

Is VO Genesis a Scam?

No, you can make money online doing voiceovers for clients, it definitely is not a scam. Whether or not you'll get results only depends on one person - YOU!

You get access to all the resources, and other useful content which you need to get started in the business. However, to make real money out of it, you'll have to gain some expertise - be ready to invest some time and trust the process.

It isn't for everyone though - won't be any good if you are not very comfortable on the microphone. There can be many reasons, accent being one of them. If you're a native and have an interesting voice, then you can definitely check out vo genesis

Final Thoughts

Voice over Genesis can be a decent money maker for you if you're willing to put in the work and are comfortable providing voiceovers. Get started with vogenesis here.

If not, you're better off doing something else, and save yourself $39.99. 

You're making a commitment here - you'll put in the work, invest some money and time in learning new skills and then you'll master them in time after you've gained some expertise.

Not a fan of VOICE-OVERS? You don't have to be! With this LEGIT system, a 20-year old went from $0 to $6000 a month!

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