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Can You Make Money With Link Posting Jobs?

Back when we got started in this online space in 2012, we would find banner advertisements all over the place related to link posting. They all pretty much said the same thing – post links and get paid.

Times have changed, but the norm hasn’t. Link-posting jobs are still the talk of the town and have never faded in popularity. However, there’s no such thing in existence. This is all about getting backlinks to a website, and when given an incentive, people act. This is the reason why the topic is so popular, and webmasters bank on it.

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What is Link Posting?

The ads claim you can get anything between $200-500 for posting links, which is false. The ad creator’s sole goal is to get a link from your website, so it helps with his website’s search engine optimization. The better they rank, the better their web presence will be.

This strategy used to work in the early 21st century and worked well till 2010, but not anymore. The search engine algorithm now utilizes Google’s artificial intelligence (AI), is updated from time to time, and is smart enough to know if some people are manipulating it. It can attach a severe penalty to your website and de-index it from the search engines. This may erase your web presence.

It’s never a good idea to purchase backlinks since search engine spiders classify these as paid link farms. It will dishonor the link and get you in trouble if it detects something fishy.

Another reason why this came into existence was because of affiliate marketing. It has grown in popularity over the last decade and is one of the most profitable business models today.

Affiliate Marketing

Spamming the internet with random affiliate marketing used to work back in the day for some, but things have changed so much that this strategy is useless now. It works way better when you focus on solving someone’s problem by introducing them to a product vs trying to sell a random product to a random person so that you get paid.

If you try to spam with your links every now and then, you’re risking an affiliate account being shut down by the provider. Not only it is time-consuming and non-productive, but also very deceitful and a bad way to do business if you’re in for the long run.

Some of these scams may also be sales funnels for random products which can cost you a lot of money. Making money is one thing, but here you’re risking losing funds, so it’s always better to stay away from these deceiving adverts.

Some Scam Signals – Judging an Advert

It’s impossible to judge a product in seconds, but if you inspect it closely and keep an open mind, your intuition will allow you to see a clearer image. Watch out for the following signs:

  • False money claims – This is a big one, and if something promises big bucks and requires no time and effort from your end, it’s time to run away from it!
  • The element of scarcity – This is a marketing tactic, but people often misuse it. If something looks too good to be true and has an added element of scarcity (countdown timer/clock), you must avoid it at all costs.
  • Mockery – There are scams out there that pretend to be something that they are not. A legit job will never ask you to pay for it. Pyramid schemes will ask you for your money though.

We all learn things the harder way (after we get scammed and learn). It’s a good idea to learn from your past mistakes and never repeat them. Don’t be the one who keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over because it will keep costing you money.

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Final Words

Retro Comic Man Holding Scam Alert Sign, Vintage Propaganda Design

It’s scary how some people with bad intent use emotional triggers to cheat on people. Link posting is one of them, and pyramid schemes are another. If you notice any of the above signs in a program, it’s time to ditch it ASAP.

It’s a fact most people struggle to make money online because of false information and bunk programs. To make a living working from home, you must be committed and willing to put in the required efforts; there’s no such concept as easy money.

If you want to build a legitimate online business, you should check out our top recommended training for working from home. It definitely will require your time and effort, but if you think you have what it takes, I highly recommend you give it a shot.

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