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Best Easy Work – Scam or a Legitimate Money Making Website

Welcome to this Best Easy Work Review. This website claims anyone can earn thousands of dollars every month. On top, the setup is supposedly instant, and you can receive daily payouts.

It doesn’t stop there. You can earn easy money on 100% autopilot without even selling anything. No traffic and advertising efforts are required either. It gets ridiculous.

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Now you may wonder if this is even legit or just another scam you should be wary of. That’s what we’ll be revealing today. Doing some research can prove to be beneficial since, with it, you can find legitimate products that work and also avoid scams.

What is Best Easy Work Review?

Best Work Easy Lander

Best Easy Work is a platform that’s all about insane claims on how to earn money online. Under the hood, it’s more of a multi-level marketing system and will ask you to sign up at a certain level. Your job is pretty much the same – recruit other people, and bring them into the program under you.

The only way you can make money is if someone joins and purchases an upgrade.

Company Overview

From their website, it appears Best Easy Work is owned or operated by two companies. These are Florida-based companies owned by Martin Ruiz. The website says he has revamped his old money-making system from the 1990s and has launched it under a brand-new name in 2016. Not surprisingly, it coincides with the domain’s registration year, which has anonymous registration.

Most of these are scams since they claim to be automated money-making systems.

How Best Easy Work Works

Best Work Easy Webpage

With this platform, you can earn by recruiting others, and when your recruits recruit others. It has characteristics of a pyramid scheme since there’s no substantial offering from the site, and you’re paying only to be able to promote the offer.

This online business is promoted as a done-for-you system since you’ll promote the product as if it were your own and send visitors to it. The outdated design, with the use of tons of flash and other distracting elements, will only work against you.

Best Easy Work Salespage

Moreover, if hundreds of people promote the same exact system using an identical website, it will not convert at all. The website uses design elements that were popular a few decades ago, and these won’t work today. The website has nothing of value to offer, either.

The site has used a range of different sales letters over the years. They often make it look like a job offer with the ‘help wanted’ banners, but that isn’t the case.

Best Work Easy Help Wanted

They have recently made a redesign of their website by including different videos about their compensation plan and how you can make money using their system. The argument is still the same and there is still no proof of how the “system” works to generate for you money.

Best Easy Work Video

This is their first video outlining their compensation plan. This video contains an image of someone to convince you to buy or trust the program.

There is no proof of how the “thing is insanely powerful” and all the video tries to do is convince you that you can make money with their pyramid scheme. The promise here is the potential for you to make $5000/day through multi-level marketing! Not a chance.

It will also be slightly unethical to promote this since there’s no actual product in existence, and no proof to back up the claim. You’re just sending visitors to a product that will prompt them to buy it just so that they can promote it too. You should instead promote something of value that people will thank you for.

Best Easy Work Video

Another video on the site is a personal message from someone. This video tries to take advantage of you by explaining how you can pay your bills with no worries without doing anything!

This Best Easy Work video introduces urgency on how you can make money quickly. This is a recipe for scam websites and it’s a red flag because making money online takes time, patience, and learning. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme where you can just sit around, buy some “system” and mint cash.

Best Easy Work Free Money

The video goes ahead to convince you to “plug in and implement a plan in front of you”. It explains that you will learn how to place “Free ads” as soon as you become a member. This is something you can learn for free on YouTube, but as any ad expert will tell you, the best-performing and realistic ads are never free.

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Compensation Plan at Best Easy Work

Best Easy Work Compensation Scam

Your earning potential per sale depends on the level you buy. The more you pay to the ‘system’, the more your income potential if someone unfortunate breaks the bank for it.

These levels are bound to change with time, and this review shall be updated accordingly to reflect the changes. As of this writing, here are the available affiliate levels and the payouts:

  • Free member – Earn $25 per paid member referral
  • Level 1 – $88 payment to qualify for $50 commissions on 1st-level referrals
  • Level 2 – $188 payment to qualify for $120 commissions on 2nd level referrals
  • Level 3 – $288 payment to qualify for $200 commissions on 3rd-level referrals
  • Level 4 – $500 payment to qualify for $350 commissions on 4th-level referrals
  • Level 5 – $1,000 payment to qualify for $750 commissions on 5th-level referrals
  • Level 6 – $1,500 payment to qualify for $1,200 commissions on 6th-level referrals
  • Level 7 – $2,000 payment to qualify for $1,600 commissions on 7th-level referrals
  • Level 8 – $2,500 payment to qualify for $2,000 commissions on 8th-level referrals
  • Level 9 – $3,500 payment to qualify for $2,900 commissions on 9th-level referrals
  • Level 10 – $5,000 payment to qualify for $4,000 commissions on 10th-level referrals
Best Easy Work Compensation Video

If you’re not at a certain level, and someone joins that level under you, you won’t get paid. If you’re a level 2 affiliate, you will only receive $120 if someone joins under you and buys Level 10. The remaining $3,880 will be passed over to one of your uplines who qualify.

If you’re positioned at a higher level, you will earn commissions even from your direct referrals’ efforts. If they don’t qualify for a higher-level sale, you get the money. When the sales page video mentions you can ‘get clients for free,’ this is how you get them.

BestEasyWork even has a phone calling system and an email autoresponder to push your referrals into purchasing/upgrading level(s). It’s all about buying the higher levels and suggesting your direct recruits do the same. This is how most MLM Ponzi schemes operate.

Legitimate affiliate marketing programs don’t cost a dime to begin. If you sell a product at any price range, you’re eligible to receive commissions for your marketing efforts. Moreover, they have a valuable product offering that can back the attached price tag.

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Conclusion – Is Best Easy Work a Scam?

Best Easy Work Conclusion

In this Best Easy Work review, we have covered as much as we could without joining the automated system.

There are no second thoughts here. Best Easy Work definitely is a scam you should stay away from. From the use of deceptive sales tactics to fake videos to insane income claims, there’s nothing good about the platform.

You can still make it work, though; that’s if the program owner actually pays you for the paid referrals you bring. It will still be very unethical since you know there’s no actual product out there except for some elementary training on how to get referrals (via spamming).

If that wasn’t enough, recruiting is one of those things that most people absolutely hate. Since it’s a pyramid scheme, it’s very likely it may eventually be taken down by FTC, just like countless other scams.

With that said, the ball is in your court, but this program is something we can’t recommend. It’s a bit too risky to join, and any legit marketer wouldn’t want to promote this crap.

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Alternatively, if you opt for free options to make money online, here are our recommendations and what you can start immediately with zero investments.

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1. Sign up for Surveys

Surveys are a great way to start making money online as soon as today. While it could cost you time and effort, this could be the best easy work to start today! All you have to do is answer a few questions and you get compensated for your time. With online surveys, you can make around $30 – 70/day.

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2. Start freelancing

We are living in a time when you can work for anyone remotely. You can take this advantage, learn a new skill from different online courses and begin to offer services on different freelancing sites. While starting this could be hard, it’s also a lucrative way to make money that you can later invest.

3. Start a blog

It’s never too late to write about your passion. You can start today and write a blog about what you love. This is a long-term earning potential and can provide a steady flow of income in the future.


Is Best Easy Work a scam?

Yes, Best Easy Work shows all the signs of a scam site. As we have covered in this review, there is no proof of income, and it’s based on a pyramid scheme.

How can I avoid getting scammed online?

Before joining any site, do a search online to make sure everything checks out with the site you plan to join. Check for reviews and try to authenticate the claims made on the site.

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