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InstaGC Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam?

InstaGC offers one of the best selection of gift cards and other redemption options in the industry. Check out its detailed review to see if it is worth a try.

Honestly, there’s nothing not to like about instant rewards websites sites. I mean, these websites pay you for just signing up and conducting minor tasks. However, the problem arises when one joins a scam site without knowing it.

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With the plethora of rewards websites available online, it is difficult to tell a scam site from a legit one. That doesn’t mean you should ignore this way of earning extra cash in your free time.

InstaGC is a great option to earn money online by watching videos, playing games, and conducting all the tasks you do every day.

What’s more, you can get hard cash in your PayPal account and use its point booster codes as well.

Instagc Logo

But is InstaGC worth the time? Is InstaGC legit or a scam? Go through my InstaGC review to find out.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a popular rewards site backed by a renowned market research company named Day Online Solutions. The website displays various tasks and activities for users to complete online in exchange for some extra money.

Instagc Website

Offering paid tasks since 2011; the website is one of the pioneering platforms in the get-paid-to sector.

If you’re looking to make money online and generate a steady passive income, This platform is the ideal solution for you. Its unique point booster codes system combined with multiple digital gift card choices makes this site stand out among its counterparts.

Apart from lucrative gift cards from popular brands, InstaGC also lets users redeem their points in PayPal cash and bank credit. Moreover, it also has one of the lowest payout rates and the highest work availability in the sector.

How Does InstaGC Work?

If you’re wondering how to make money with InstaGC, here’s a brief overview of its internal workings before we get to the details. Mainly, the website works by crowdsourcing various tasks from its online users.

Now, because the platform is partners with various entertainment, market research, retail, and online services companies, it receives a commission for every task a customer completes on the website. Later, they share a fraction of the revenue they generate with users like you in gift cards, discount vouchers, and cash.

The best part is, you don’t have to put in any extra time or effort to earn money on this platform. You can watch videos, take surveys, and continue shopping online for everyday groceries and earn points on the website.

Once you accumulate enough points, you can choose a redemption option accordingly. While the website offers multiple ways to exchange your points, each method has different minimum payout thresholds.

You can check your earnings regularly on your user dashboard and devise a redemption strategy accordingly. If you don’t mind getting a few extra dollars in cash, you should go for the PayPal option.

However, if a few dollars seem insignificant to you, you can opt for discounts and gift cards to save up on everyday groceries and luxury items. Besides that, InstaGC also has a mobile app for those who want to use the small pockets of time throughout the day and earn cash.

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How to Sign Up for InstaGC?

Signing up for InstaGC is quite easy. The website interface is quite straightforward so that you can see the signup form right in front of you on the landing page.

You can either use your email credentials to sign up or join your Google or Facebook account. Enter your desired email id in the slot provided and wait for a verification email.

Upon receiving the verification email, you’ll have to click on the link sent to you so the platform can confirm your account. Once your account is confirmed, you can start taking online surveys and choose from a wide array of paid tasks.

What I loved about the InstaGC signup process is that they award you ten bonus points just for becoming a member. However, this might seem quite insignificant to some users as 10 points on InstaGC are only worth 10 cents in real currency.

But, the bonus can help your points add up quickly so you can withdraw your first payout on the platform.

Who is InstaGC for?

InstaGC is for anyone looking to have some fun online in their free time while making money. The payouts are quite low, but unfortunately, that’s the case with most reward websites.

So, if you’re looking for a highly lucrative side hustle that can bring you a considerable passive income, this platform isn’t for you.

If you want to become a member, you can signup from anywhere in the world. Similarly, the website allows everyone aged 18 or above to join immediately.

Moreover, teenagers more than 13 years old can also join and use their free time productively if they present proof of parental permission.

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Pros of InstaGC

Now that you know the basic details about InstaGC, you probably can’t wait to sign up. To help you confirm your decision, here’s a list of benefits you will get on the platform.

Joining Bonus

The signup process is free on InstaGC. Additionally, new members will immediately receive a signup bonus of 10 points to kickstart their earnings.

No Demographic Restriction

Users can join and earn cash on the platform from anywhere in the world. However, the earning opportunities and work availability will depend on your demographic location.

Minimal Age Restriction

Unlike most get-paid-to sites that only allow people 18 years or older, this website lets teenagers join as well.

Many Ways to Earn Points

There are various ways to earn money online on InstaGC. These include taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping. Meaning you will never get bored on the platform.

High Work Availability

Due to its crowdsourcing nature, the website always has lots of work available.

A plethora of Gift Cards to Choose From

InstaGC is best known for its wide selection of gift cards. If you don’t want to wait until you earn enough for a cash payout, you can get a gift card from any of your favorite brands and avail of amazing discounts.

Low Minimum Payout Threshold

The minimum payout threshold is only $1, lower than most online reward sites.

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Cons of InstaGC

While InstaGC has many benefits for its users, there are always two sides to a coin. I came across a few drawbacks you should know before signing up when operating the platform.

High Disqualification Rate

InstaGC does not invite users for relevant surveys. Unfortunately, this means you can easily get disqualified from the surveys you choose, even if you’re halfway through.

Limited Shopping Options

If you choose to conduct online shopping on the platform and receive cashback, you’ll only have a limited selection of stores and retailers to choose from.

High Minimum Payout Threshold for Cash Prizes

The website focuses mostly on digital gift cards, which means it is quite difficult to accumulate enough points for a cash payout.

Inefficient Customer Service

Some user reviews report unresponsive customer support.

Low Remuneration for Some Activities

Some activities like watching videos and downloading apps seem to offer low remuneration compared to the effort required.

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Key Features

While I have provided a clear overview of InstaGC as a lucrative rewards site above, you might still have a few questions in your head. For example, how much can you earn on InstaGC? Or, how to withdraw money on InstaGC?

This detailed part of my InstaGC review will give you further insight into the platform to answer all your questions.

InstaGC Earning Options

Instagc Earning Options

Earning some extra cash is quite easy on InstaGC if you follow a streamlined strategy and use your time efficiently. The best part is, the platform offers a wide array of activities so you can stay busy for hours without getting bored. Here are some tasks InstaGC members can take up for instant gift cards.

InstaGC Surveys

InstaGC offers paid surveys like other popular get-paid-to sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

However, InstaGC sources its questionnaires and opinion polls from third-party providers. Some of the common third-party survey providers to InstaGC include TheoremReach, Your Surveys, and LiveSample. This means the platform rarely runs out of surveys for its users.

On the downside, this also means that the platform does not assign relevant surveys to its users, increasing the likelihood of disqualification.

In addition, you can take as many surveys as you like every day without restrictions. Some highly paid surveys have screener questions at the beginning to help you qualify for the survey.

High-paid surveys might take you around 30-60 mins to complete and pay around 100-200 points. On the other hand, regular short surveys will take you only 5-20 mins to complete and pay around 2-50 points.

Testing Apps

If you’re tired of completing surveys, testing apps is another easy way to make money from home on InstaGC. This task has a slightly higher remuneration level compared to surveys.

Instagc Testing Apps

All you have to do is download the apps listed on the offer page and get your points. Sometimes, the website requires you to complete tasks like signing up using your credentials or conducting several app activities before receiving your points.

However, make sure to choose a free app to download from the list. Otherwise, the download might end up costing you the same as the rewards you receive.


InstaGC has an interesting offer wall where users can choose complex tasks to complete. Here, each task comes with a specific set of instructions. Make sure to follow each step precisely to earn points.

InstaGC offers these paid tasks from partner walls like TrialPay, Minute Staff, Adgate Media, OfferToro, and Figure8. These offerwalls pay you for tasks like signing up for free trials, subscribing to websites, transcribing audio, or sorting data.

Watching Videos

Instagc Watching Videos

You can enjoy yourself while earning money on InstaGC. Skim through the videos section and select an interesting video to watch online, and earn points upon completion.

Although there are many fun videos to watch on the platform, this task doesn’t pay much compared to surveys, and other paid offers.

Other Tasks

Besides these, there are many other tasks you can conduct on the InstaGC website for money. These include searching the web and getting cash back while shopping. You can also refer the website to your friends and earn 10% of all their earned points.

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Redeeming Points on InstaGC

Instagc Redeeming Points

Different websites offer various ways for their users to redeem points. InstaGC is perhaps the only gpt site that lets you redeem your points with as little as $1 in reward balance.

But, how can you withdraw your rewards from the platform? Here are the redemption modes you can choose from.

Free Gift Cards

InstaGC pays its users in gift cards with a balance of only $1 in rewards. With over 350 gift card options, you have a wide array of brands and retailers to choose from.

Instagc Free Gifts

However, some retailers, restaurants, and service providers also charge $3-$5 for their gift cards. So, make sure to check out the best option for yourself before requesting a payout.

Cash Rewards

While getting InstaGC pay-in gift cards is a flexible and easy option, you can go for cash as well. But, you will need to accumulate at least $5 to become eligible for this redemption mode.

Besides that, you can also choose from PayPal cash, direct deposit, or an eCheck payment. However, keep in mind that the platform will charge a specific number of points as a redemption fee if you use these three options.


You can use your InstaGC points to enter sweepstakes and win big prizes. Nevertheless, you aren’t guaranteed to win if you use this option, so you might end up losing all your points.

One example of a sweepstake on InstaGC is the Decimal Pot. You can enter the Decimal Pot Raffle to get increments of your points.

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Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Features -4/5
  • Customer Service – 3/5

Is InstaGC legit?

Yes, InstaGC is a legit GPT site where you can earn points by completing surveys, watching videos, visiting websites, and shopping online. Your overall earning potential on the website depends on how many points you earn every day and how much time you dedicate to working on the site.

While the website can get you enough extra cash to put some spare change in your pocket, it most certainly won’t pay your bills.

So, if you need a real side hustle, you should check out other meaningful options. But, if you want to make money online while doing nothing, this is the ultimate platform for you.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service




Survey Options



  • Joining Bonus
  • No Demographic Restriction
  • Minimal Age Restriction
  • High Work Availability
  • Low Minimum Payout Threshold


  • High Disqualification Rate
  • Limited Shopping Options
  • Inefficient Customer Service
  • Low Remuneration for Some Activities