Is Jenny Lewis’ Data Dollars Pro a Scam?

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Data entry sure has some income potential but it's peanuts compared to anything else which you're willing to do online (or are already doing) to make a living.

So what exactly is Data Dollars Pro? This system by Jenny Lewis claims you can make money online by doing data entry. Is it about doing things differently and really milking the industry? In this review, we reveal the truth and share whether it's a scam or the real money maker.

Data Dollars Pro Review - A Closer Look

Name: Data Dollars Pro
Cost: $37 FE, multiple upsells
Product Creator: Jenny Lewis
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The sales video claims you can be making thousands of dollars a month doing data entry jobs. However, that couldn't be further from the truth, there's no big money in the industry since the work is monotonous and there's little room for improvement. 

Sure, you can make a few bucks on the side but that just can't replace your day job. Plain and simple. The information is misleading, the income claims are exaggerated and there's simply no way you will be making $1000+ per month with the system.

If you decide to purchase Data Dollars Pro, you get access to an e-book which has tips on how to find data entry jobs and improve your typing speed. The same information is readily available online for free, definitely not something you want to pay to acquire.

The video on the sales page is all about hype and the income claims are misleading (and obviously fake). These are either fake reviews or paid reviews just for getting some sales as people buy when they see some social proof. Just so you know, here's one of them:

There's no way people can consistently make $200-300 per week with 'small' data entry jobs. That's just BS! It's also clear these are stock photos and not of real buyers. 

We expected better from Jenny Lewis who also has a legitimate voice-over training product which teaches people how to do voice overs.

Is It a Scam?

No, datadollarspro cannot be considered a scam. You do get an e-book which comes with some info which a beginner may find useful. You can get the same information for free but all scattered. If you're a total newbie to data entry jobs and are looking to get started, you can give it a shot.

However, don't expect to make thousands, or even hundreds of dollars with the system. The money you make, it really depends on how hard you're willing to work but it will be peanuts compared to the income claims this product makes.

It however may help you earn a little on the side ($40-50 bucks) which is not adequate to make a living online. If you want to do it full time and make a killing, you simply can't go wrong with our top recommendation for making money online. We and tens of our students have been banking $6000+ per month consistently with it.