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Is Fast Cash App a Scam or Legit System To Make Money Online?

Are you just beginning your money-making journey online? You may have heard about the Fast Cash App, a program for earning dollar bills quickly! Don’t be fooled, though – is it worth your time? Is Fast Cash legit or a total fraud? Your mind must be overflowing with questions. 

We’ve got the answers you need – after plenty of research and sleuthing, we can tell you that this app isn’t exactly what it seems. Want to know more details on how it works and whether you can make some money with it? Check out this article filled with all the details!

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The Fast Cash App is raising some eyebrows, and it’s no wonder why – it claims you can make a whopping $22,750 in your first week using just 25 minutes of your time and 14 clicks. But is that possible? 

This is the review where we get to the bottom of things. Let’s discover if this system will have you swimming in the success or scamming down the sorrowful lane!

So, we’ve been wading through dozens of programs full of hot air and promises they can’t keep. This one here looks like another of those too-good-to-be-true offers, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt. Keep reading — you never know what surprises it might have in store!

Fast Cash App Review

What is Fast Cash App, and What Does it Offer?

Right off the bat, sounds too good to be true! It does what it says – a few clicks and get you can get rich quickly! The man behind this brilliant app must think he’s hit the Jackpot because he claims you can make piles of Cash with his money-spinning method forever!

You got an itch to make some quick cash? Well, Clickbank‘s got the product for you! It’s like a digital mall where all kinds of “make money online” products can be found – even Fast Cash App and other internet marketing programs. But before you dive in head first, hold up a second – some shady characters and products lurking around here might not live up to their promises. So proceed with caution!

The creator of the Fast Cash App doesn’t provide any details about the system or what you’ll be doing to make money. It’s a MAJOR red flag since no respectable institution would ever try to conceal such vital information about their programs.

As a matter of fact, the more information they supply, the more sales they will make, assuming the product is of excellent quality!

Fast Cash App is a software that says it can make you stacks of Cash – over $22,000 weekly – with practically zero effort! It’s flaunting an attention-grabbing headline, just like other push-button systems we’ve seen before. Robert Fisher, the brains behind this program, calls himself a writer, researcher, and ace online entrepreneur.

Based on the program’s sales video, users can jump on board the money train with a one-time monthly payment of $37! The system is easy to use and runs by itself – you don’t have to lift a finger.

Robert Fisher touts that this system will ensure you get your share of billions from the digital boom. He talks about how successful others have been using it, but he hasn’t given any single shred of proof or anything!

Overall, the sales video doesn’t show you how this works – it’s mainly a wall of words! As always, you must be careful before jumping onto something new and invest your energy and finances thoughtfully. Don’t take any chances!

Fast Cash App is essentially just a sales funnel and elementary internet marketing instruction. These items are costly and won’t save you the time and effort to start a successful online business. You’ll fork up a ton of Cash for data you could have gleaned for free online. It’s impossible to look for the system if you have no concept of what it is.

As you can see on the image, the spin on the website’s sales page looks deceiving if you ask me. Sure, they guarantee results that’ll blow your socks off. But can they really keep their big promises? I’m suspicious! Most programs with nothing good to offer have to rely on some fibs to get sales.

So, if this system existed- why would someone be willing to give it away for a measly $37 instead of charging triple digits? I mean, come on– that’s around $22K per week. And from what the sales page says — it may take you no effort and minimal time to get all that cash? That’s suspicious!

Fast Cash App

Anyone in their right mind won’t fall for this. It’s apparent it’s just a shady sales tactic, so the program creator makes money at your expense by selling you the dream. Unless you’re a total beginner in this online space, you would know it takes effort and an abundance of patience to make some dough online.

There are no secret tricks or magic pills like these ‘so-called’ gurus claim. Everything is a result of hard work and patience. Push button profits are just a made-up myth.

If you’re keen on making a living working online, you should join a legit program and take strict action on what you learn. It’s so crucial to take consistent action and have the right skills under your belt if you want to reap the rewards in the long run.

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Who is Robert Fisher?

Robert Fisher is quite the entertainer, marketing his Fast Cash App program online. He calls himself an entrepreneur and research expert–now, that’s quite a title!

But funny enough, we can’t find any trace of this mystery man! We’re totally in the dark about who he is. That makes it hard to trust Robert Fisher’s so-called “success program.”

But don’t be fooled—we know for sure that Robert isn’t just running a party of one here. It looks like he and fellow fly-by-night James Robertson (of the Wealth Project fame) make quite the dream team when it comes to skirting around genuine success.

Both think they’re the “real boss’ with their online business, but how they go about it seems suspicious – like the sneaky Fast Cash App. It’s super sketchy, and we wouldn’t be surprised if there were some wicked plot to bamboozle Bitcoin traders totally.

Smart Cash App

Don’t even THINK about Fast Cash App, Smart Cash App, or the Wealth Project; they’re surely scams trying to pull all sorts of funny business! If you’re eager to get into bitcoin trading and see those green bills rolling in, only invest in some legit bots with the True Blue stamp of approval from reliable sources. Do your research and double-check that everything is on the up and up before you put any money down.

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The Website

Fast Cash App New Website

As soon as you land on the sales page, not only will you find a few bold claims, you will find a video that is just as deceiving. It talks about how multiple people are banking hard with this system but has no proof to back it up.

It’s too easy to fake screenshots/videos or make claims without substance. People even hire actors from websites like Upwork to do video testimonials for their companies. The actors make professional videos, and that’s when the lie is exposed.

Update: The original Fast Cash app site no longer exists. But, the Fast Cash App moved to another site.

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How It Works

Update: The Fast Cash App promises the same thing on its new site. But, when you click the “BUY” button, you will find a message from ClickBank. It says, “This site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to terms of service violation.” That is a red flag right there.

Fast Cash App Site No Longer In Service

They start sending you spam as soon as you’re on board (have joined their email list). The first message’s sole goal is to send some bait your way, so you click on it and land on the sales page.

The page has every characteristic of a get-rich-quick scheme, full of deceiving content. If people unfamiliar with all these scams visit it, we can bet they will fall for it. The only person who makes money here is the person who created this scheme; other people only lose.

Let me give you some friendly advice – if something looks too good to be true, it probably is! Do you know why they offer a 60-day free trial? To make YOU more likely to trust the process and cough up your credit card info. 

Spoiler alert: They want your money – don’t fall for it! Never enter your data into suspicious websites if you value not regretting things. Just save yourself the trouble with these two golden rules: stay cautious & keep that card tucked away tight!

  • Once you’ve entered your name/e-mail address, Fast Cash App may send you spam emails regularly to make a quick buck.
  • You will be encouraged to buy the product for $37 via the Clickbank secure checkout order page.

Don’t look for a 60-day free trial on this product because it’s not happening! You have to follow Clickbank’s rules here. Just think of it as a “try now, buy now” kinda deal – get the product, and if you’re not happy within 60 days, you can get your money back. And you’ll be encouraged to snag these upsells in your first purchase:

  1. Upsell 1: Fast Cash 2.0 ($197)
  2. Upsell 2: Fast Cash Pro ($177)
  3. Upsell 3: Fast Cash Social ($97)

Are you checking out the expensive upsells and thinking, ‘Does it cost that much?!’ I hate being the bearer of bad news, but you’re wasting money. Do you think you will get long-lost secrets that nobody else knows about? Sorry, wrong again – all you get is the basics on affiliate marketing stuff which ain’t even skimming the surface. Don’t load money in your pockets any time soon, though – this won’t do the job!

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Fash Cash App Review: Pros, Cons, and Red Flags


  • There are some valuable data here.
  • Earning money from home is made easier with the membership. Just don’t expect to get your order as quickly as the website suggests.
  • When returned within 60 days, a full refund will be issued.


  • The identity of the proprietor is unknown.
  • Exaggerated forecasts of future profits.
  • This statement does not include an earnings disclaimer.
  • Costly add-ons.
  • Extremely misleading marketing!

Red Flags

Searching for the most effortless, sweat-free way to turn a quick buck? Well, you guessed it – there’s none! To earn your cash, darling, you need to roll up your sleeves and get to some serious elbow grease. Also, it would be best to have loads of dedication and stackability. So put on that determined hat if you want to make it rain later.

Keep an eye out if you’re out there searching for some serious money on your web wanderings – it looks like many sites claiming they can make you filthy rich in no time!

But our alarms were blaring when we uncovered this so-called Fast Cash System, so obviously, we wanted to know what was up more than anything. After scoping out their pitch page, it had us feeling mighty suspicious – and we found signs that made us smell something fishy.

Who owns the Fast Cash App? 

My Name Is Robert Fisher

The video’s narrator is this Robert Fisher character who pretends to be the company’s owner. I tried hard to find out about him online but unfortunately, no dice.

He’d be more significant than Mark Zuckerberg if everything he said were true, though – now that would have been the story of a lifetime. We still don’t know if Robert is even his real name or just some fake one he made up – how suspicious!

Unrealistic Income Claims. 

You should not believe the claims of Fast Cash App as revealed in their videos. You can’t just start raking in rewards after 25 minutes – if it sounds too good to be true, it usually IS. Making thousands of bucks a week through online business is possible, but most likely not as easy as they promised you.

What’s more, loads of other businesses already do things similar to this app, so unless you bring something new and exciting to the table, don’t expect huge amounts of cash to come your way!

No Verifiable Proof of Income. 

Robert claims three members have made thousands of dollars, but he provides no evidence that they genuinely do exist. When checking out programs that say you’ll make money online, don’t forget the income disclaimer – that’s key!

Because unless they’ve got one of those, you can’t be sure if they’re living up to their claims. Of course, no matter what any program promises, you still need to work hard and stay positive (which are way more likely to guarantee success than relying on someone else).

Sketchy Testimonials.

Sketchy Testimonials About Fast Cash App

In the fabulous video for Fast Cash App, Robert boasts some serious success stories of individuals who’ve supposedly been receiving wads of Cash using the Fast Cash app! There’s David – a 27-year-old engineer rocking over $7000 in just one week, and Rachel – a 42-year-old divorcee chilling in Ohio and loving the $10,240 bonus she got. And lastly, Roger – 63 years young and hailing from Canada- made an impressive $18,821 in the past month.

These claims pack a punch, but something tells me the testimonials might not be as legit as they seem. Robert here says he knows his way around sales, so shouldn’t he know how to write a good testimonial? Still, these don’t convince me that the product is worth it or show how users could benefit.

We can all make a few slip-ups when starting in sales – that’s natural! But if you call yourself a “sales specialist,” there ain’t no way you should be doing wrong so easily. Unless, of course, some shady doings are happening behind the scenes. Not giving people a chance to verify those testimonies? Huge NOPE from me!

The Absence of an Income Disclaimer. 

Requiring an income disclaimer is a no-brainer when advertising, selling, or discussing online business opportunities or investments. Yet some creators don’t want you to know that your outcomes are unpredictable and not guaranteed – like the creator of Fast Cash App!

No Customer Support.

Don’t expect to get all your questions answered if you turn to Fast Cash App because they won’t be much help- the only thing they’ll give you is a useless email address, and who knows how long it’ll take them to respond.

That’s certainly a red flag when searching for a legit online money-making business because you want someone from the company to answer your queries and deepen your understanding of their service.

Fake Reviews.

Have you heard of the awesome Fast Cash App? People have been claiming to have used it all over the internet and raving about how great it is.

But rumor has it that hired web admins wrote these reviews! The developers are determined to create a buzz around their product – whatever it takes.

Not Accredited by Better Business Bureau.

If you’re looking into using Fast Cash App, you won’t find it on the BBB website! That means their rating is nonexistent. Watch out when checking them out – since they don’t have a listing, there’s no way for us to make sure that everything’s on the up and up!

You might want to check with the BBB if you seek a legitimate online opportunity. But just be aware, though, even fake sites can find their way onto the Bureau’s list, so it isn’t foolproof! But fear not! If enough people come forwards with rattling-off complaints, the BBB will investigate and share their findings with everyone in an ample public warning!

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Other Platforms with Similar Names

Since Fast Cash is a good business name, a few other platforms have the same name. We will discuss each so you don’t get confused if you search for other platforms with similar names.


Faaastcash Logo

FaaastCash is there to save the day if you are caught cash-trapped! Not only are they reputable, but their vast network of verified lenders means you can choose the loan company that best suits your needs. With an ever-growing number of partners increasing daily on board – your chances of scoring the perfect loan have never been higher!

FaaastCash can lend you a helping hand! Even though they’re not technically lending themselves, don’t worry—they’ve got numerous trusty partners on their side. The remarkable thing is that all their lenders have the appropriate licenses and follow laws in place. You know everything’s legit no matter where you live in the USA.

Are you tired of searching high and low for a trusty payday loan lender? Take the easy road with Faaast Cash! This is the perfect alternative for those who don’t have time to scour through an endless list of online lenders. They’re laser-focused on ethical lending and only work with the best financial partners!

Need Cash fast? Well, Faaast Cash is here to save the day! Forget about painful waits for your paycheque. Their selection of payday loans will have you back in the money in no time. They’re super flexible, too – each lender has different lengths of repayment duration, so you can take on an online loan that best fits your needs.

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Fast Cash Loans

In times of financial peril, it might seem like quick cash loans are the answer to all your problems! You know them as “‘payday loans.” A payday loan is advertised as a magical get-out-of-trouble-free card for those who have run out of dough. Think of these short-term solutions as a lifesaver—but make sure when borrowing money you pay them back when your paycheck arrives, or else you’ll be stuck in a sticky situation again.

Most states offer payday loans as an option for those feeling a bit strapped for cash – but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just some harmless fun! People are already having trouble keeping up with living expenses, and if they take one of these out, the repayment will be THAT much tougher.

Based on a new study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, about half of lenders who took out payday loans needed to roll it over for at least one pay period. That sounds like an awful cycle – you take out some cash quickly and then find yourself in a constant loop of having to fork up more money just in interest and fees!


500Fastcash Logo

When you’re in a jam and need cash quickly, 500FastCash has your back! Based on their website, they provide fast and convenient loans daily. They are part of the Money Mutual network and offer installment loans over a shorter period. And if you need more time to pay it off—no problem! Unlike those stuffy old payday loan places, they don’t put up any barriers. So get some cash that fast with 500FastCash!

The Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma are full-blown owners of 500FastCash, and because they officially rule as a sovereign nation, regulations that other loan companies must adhere to don’t apply.

But they’re still micromanaged with all the same federal laws and rules about how many dimes you’ll pay for what kind of loans. Disclosure? Finance charges? They got it taken care of!

Applying for a loan through 500FastCash is easy! All you need to get started is a checking account. Once your application is submitted, Fast Cash App will quickly match you with an excellent lender from their network who will review your details.

Should they approve your request, the lender will provide valuable loan documents, including all the service fees and repayment terms. If these conditions fit in with what you desire, they’ll happily deposit the loan sum into your bank account!

The official company website explicitly states that you have the freedom to tailor the timing of your loan repayment to suit your budget and lifestyle needs by selecting an extended repayment plan.

The hope is that if the borrower is given an extended repayment schedule, they will be more able to do so, and the loan will be repaid in total during the loan term.

Things get complicated at this point. 500FastCash is more similar to a standard payday loan than a loan from a regular financial institution. 500FastCash loans, similar to payday loans, with exorbitant interest rates.

They also impose astronomical fees on their borrowers (more on those later). Borrowing from 500FastCash will very certainly result in you paying back far more money than you borrowed, and it will almost certainly result in you paying back more money than you would have with a legitimate, licensed lender.

Many people have suffered from issues with Fast Cash App, from loan repayment to hefty finance charges. Even worse, some borrowers have been subjected to rejected withdrawal notices from their banks which have caused them to incur additional and unexpected fees on their pay date.

Final Words – Is Fast Cash App a Scam?

It shares multiple characteristics with a Ponzi scheme but can’t be considered a scam. It doesn’t promise you will earn the massive amount of money mentioned. Instead, it states that you can reach it. Even though it asks for hundreds of dollars (including the upsells), and the content is of little value, it’s a coaching program nonetheless.

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad; it’s still a product you can consume as a consumer. But keep in mind that it violated ClickBank’s terms of service, an indication of a scam.

You’re signing up for something, and they welcome you as a member; we don’t see anything wrong with it. That being said, it’s not the best investment you can make in yourself.

We don’t have high hopes for the program yet, I hate to say it, but we highly doubt if you’ll be able to make a couple of hundred dollars with it, let alone thousands.

We don’t see a single reason to recommend the product. There are far better programs if you want to learn how to build a profitable online business.

Nothing comes close to having your website and web properties that you own and control. Our top-recommended training teaches how to fire your boss and live on your terms finally.

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Is Fast Cash App a scam?

Signs point to yes. Fash Cash App looks more like a scam.

What happened to Fast Cash App?

Fast Cash App doesn’t exist anymore. Clickbank also disabled the site due to terms of service violation.

Is Fast Cash legit?

While some parts might have been legitimate, Fast Cash App is probably a scam.

How does Fast Cash App work?

Fast Cash App may trick you into thinking it’s an effortless process, but don’t be fooled! It doesn’t reveal how the system works and claims to make you money solely on autopilot — without a doubt too good to be true.

Can I make money with Fast Cash App?

Chances are you won’t earn a penny using the App. It’s more of a fraud than a real money-making opportunity.

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