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Ipsos i-Say Review 2024: How Much Can You Make?

Sharing your opinion can become your next side hustle if you get the right platform. Check out this Ipsos i-Say review to see how.

When it comes to paid online surveys, you have to get the right survey panel to make anything substantial. While it is a great option for a side hustle, some survey sites will waste your time – but not Ipsos i-say.  This Ipsos i-Say review intends to show you how to make a secondary income through the platform.

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The 4.2 stars-rated survey panel, according to Trustpilot, definitely has a notable place in the top survey panels globally. Not only is Ipsos i-Say an excellent source of supplementary income, but it’s also an incredible option when you want your opinion heard.

If you’ve doubts about the platform or are unsure if it’s your best paid-surveys option, this Ipsos i-Say review is meant to handle those doubts. Read on to get an all-inclusive review of this platform.

But first things always first!

Ipsos I-Say Logo

What is Ipsos i-Say?

Ipsos, or i-Say, is one of the most well-known and largest survey websites on the Internet. They have over 5,000 clients in over 100 countries and carry out over 20 million surveys yearly, thanks to their huge community of paid surveyors.

I-Say allows you to voice your opinion on a global scale on thousands of different products and designs based on your specific preferences.

With i-Say, your opinion matters. By filling out surveys on Ipsos and creating your polls, you can earn money, prizes, and numerous other winnings.

Ipsos was founded in 1975 and now has over 9,000 employees in over 60 countries worldwide. In just North America alone, they have over 1,600 support staff and research professionals located in 25 offices.

In 2020, the 400 professional interviewers on their team performed nearly 400,000 hours of telephone interviews.

How Does Ipsos i-Say Work?

Ipsos i-Say operations are not much different from the other survey sites you might know. The basic idea behind the platform is to answer questions for money. They collect opinions about products, services, and other issues and pay their panelists for that.

For every survey you receive and complete in Ipsos i-Say, add some points to your account. You are supposed to accumulate those points to a certain level before you can redeem them for the gift you want. They offer multiple rewards withdrawal options, as we’ll see a bit later in our Ipsos i-Say review.

It would be best if you answered their surveys, accumulated enough points, and redeemed them for your desired prize. But before that, you must sign up for the platform. This will allow you to access surveys and other paying tasks on i-Say.

So, who can sign up for the platform, and how do you do it?

Who Can Sign Up for Ipsos i-Say?

Anyone over the age of 16, whether they be citizens of the United States or anyone worldwide, is eligible to sign up for i-Say. Children under the age of 16 can also join the platform but with the consent of their parents.

This means that, unlike some panels, which are a bit restrictive on their memberships, Ipsos i-Say is generally open to people worldwide.

If you desire to make money online with surveys, this is your chance, regardless of where you are – as long as you’ve met the age limit requirement.

The platform allows you to earn points and exchange them for cash easily and efficiently.

The minimum balance for redemption is ten dollars for a gift card and fifteen for cash.

Now let’s see how you become an Ipsos i-Say panelist.

How to Sign Up for Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos I-Say Signup

The signup process for Ipsos i-Say is simple. Once you visit their website, all you need is to fill in your details, and you are ready to go. These details include your name, email address, password, date of birth, and gender.

After that, you complete the profile survey to help the panel find surveys for you. The fun thing here is you get paid even to fill out that simple survey. When your profile is complete, you will receive 45 free i-Say points.

You’ll be receiving emails to invite you for matching surveys through the email address you gave. For this reason, once you complete the registration, ensure you keep checking your inbox for new i-Say surveys.

Remember, you have to remain active for you to earn points and even participate in their draws.


How Much Can You Earn with Ipsos i-Say?

The platform, like many other genuine survey websites, is not a get-rich-fast platform. You get paid for the simple tasks you perform, and the payout depends entirely on the nature of the task.

Their pay is not exorbitant, and it will take time before you can accumulate enough points to redeem for good money or prizes.

However, the tasks are always simple and don’t even take much of your time. It’s a great way to spend your free time.

Here is how you earn with Ipsos i-Say:


Surveys are the main deal for Ipsos i-Say. Since it’s a market research platform, they need your genuine opinion, which companies will use to determine what products and services get into the market.

Every survey has some points, with some offering more points than others. The average pay for the surveys is between 10 and 100 points. And you can receive between 1 and 8 surveys in a month.

With i-Say, you don’t have the option of picking surveys from your dashboard. Instead, you’ll receive all invites for the surveys in your email. This means you must carefully complete your profile during sign-up to ensure it matches with numerous surveys.

If you got screened off a survey, you need not panic much. You’ll still receive 5 points for each survey you’re disqualified from.


For regular panelists, things get even better with loyalty points. Ipsos i-Say takes care of you if you are consistent in answering surveys.

For instance, answering ten surveys earns you a bonus of 50 i-Say points. On the other hand, if you manage to complete 50 surveys, you receive 200 i-Say points for free. The points keep increasing depending on the number of successful surveys you take.

All these points add to your regular survey rewards.


If you need even more points, signing up with friends and family might be an excellent option. Again, you don’t have to enjoy this hustle alone. Share with the people you know and help them increase their regular incomes, as you also do yours.

For every new member you bring on board through your referral link, 100 points are credited to your account. If you refer ten people a month, you have 1000 points more.

But, for a referral to be successful, the new member should complete their sign-up process and their first task.

Contests and Draws

Once you are a panelist with i-Say, you are eligible for the numerous draws they conduct now and then. You get entries into multiple draws simply for staying active and taking surveys. The best thing here is that you can win amazing prizes worth more than any survey can.

Some of the draws they offer include:

  • Click Draws: These happen three times a year, every four months. Ten panelists are picked every time to receive 5,000 points. The number of entries you get depends on the number of surveys you complete.
  • Lucky Grand Draw: For every cashout you place, you get one entry to the lucky grand draw. Here, you can win up to $1,000 in cash.
  • Swap to Shop: For this draw, you need 200 points to get one entry. The draw allows you to be among the three lucky panelists who receive $5,000.
  • Poll Predictor: This allows you to draw entries every time you complete a survey. You are prompted to predict how many panelists answered “Yes” to the survey, and the closer your answer is, the higher your entries get.

You can get more of these draws on the platform’s contests and prizes section.

How Does Ipsos i-Say Make Payments?

Ipsos I-Say Payments

Ipsos i-Say makes payments through cash, either through checks via ground mail or wired to your PayPal account. You can also exchange the points you earn for Amazon gift cards or gift cards/ certificates to other major retailers like Walmart or iTunes.

To redeem, however, you need around 500 points in your account. This is the minimum i-Say withdrawal threshold.

Just like most other panels in the industry, payouts for Ipsos i-Say surveys vary depending on two factors – difficulty and length.

Long or difficult surveys are awarded higher points than their easy and short counterparts. For every survey completed, some points are credited to your account. The more surveys you complete, the more points you accumulate.

Ipsos is one of the largest surveying websites in the world.

They’re well-known across the entire Internet space and are dedicated to helping you earn money by filling out their surveys honestly and efficiently.

With i-Say, you can finally start earning the money you truly deserve without ever having even to leave your computer desk.

Delivery for any reward or payment you request can take between three to eight weeks to process.

For instance, PayPal payments mostly take around 3 to 4 weeks, while gift cards and other reward options take between 4-8 weeks.

Though it does take time, once you have a steady line of surveys being filled, you’ll start earning money in no time.

Is Ipsos i-Say a Scam?

No – Ipsos i-Say is in no way a scam. Rather, they are a survey website dedicated to giving their clients honest and trustworthy surveys about their products.

This means that they work their hardest to get you to provide them with truthful survey responses and to pay you for your hard work.

They are determined to continuously update their website with new and innovative ways to help you and your clients.

Still skeptical? Ipsos is registered with the top global market research organizations, including ESOMAR, MRIA, MRA, and CASRO.

They’re part of Ipsos North America and only provide the highest quality surveys possible.

So, since one purpose of this Ipsos i-say review is to ascertain whether the platform is legit or not, I hope that this clears your doubts.

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Ipsos i-Say Review: How is the Platform Legitimate?

Privacy Policy

Ipsos i-Say is legitimate because of the award-winning organizations they’re a part of, their long history of performing surveys both online and by telephone, and their ability to help you create your personal surveying preferences so that you can receive only the surveys you want.

You will never receive spam emails by signing up with i-Say.

You’ll never have advertisers send you emails on their newest marketing schemes.

Your personal information and email address are safe from third parties and will stay with i-Say the entire time. And the only emails you’ll receive are your survey invitations based on your specific preferences.


Ipsos I-Say Review: Pros and Cons

We cannot get a complete picture of the platform without understanding what makes it unique, as well as what its drawbacks are. For this reason, here are some pros and cons of Ipsos i-Say that you should know before signing up.


  • Ipsos i-say is easy and completely free to join
  • It is a legit survey site
  • The site offers decent rewards for its panelists
  • Pays its members even for disqualified surveys
  • Provides multiple options to panelists to redeem their rewards
  • The platform has mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android gadgets


  • The platform is not designed to make you rich
  • Ipsos i-Say doesn’t have an abundance of surveys
  • There’s a possibility of not qualifying for some surveys
  • Some payment options like PayPal take quite some time before they process your cash

Ipsos i-Say Review: Key Take Away

The Ipsos i-Say survey platform is among the most popular paid survey sites worldwide.

They offer surveys, draws, and polls, both to help improve products and services that hit the market and help their panelists get some extra dollars for their responses.

Through this Ipsos i-Say review, it is evident that the platform is genuine and capable of becoming a great side hustle. An extra dollar in your wallet is always less than your total bills.

If you want a survey platform that has been there and made money for its members, Ipsos i-Say is your panel.

Join today for productive free time.

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  • Easy and Completely Free to Join
  • It is a Legit Survey Site
  • The Site Offers Decent Rewards for its Panelists
  • The Platform has Mobile Apps that are Compatible with both IOS and Android Gadgets
  • Provides Multiple Options to Penalists to Redeem their Rewards


  • The Platform is not Designed to Make You Rich
  • No Abundance of Survey
  • Possibility of not Qualifiying for Some Surveys
  • Lengthy Payment Processing Time