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E-poll Review 2022: Is It Legitimate or a Scam?

Is E-poll legit or a scam? How much can you make from their surveys? This E-poll review will answer all these questions and more.

One of the easiest ways to earn during your free time is through paid online surveys. Various survey companies allow you to make some money while at home relaxing or on the go. But is E-poll one of those great survey sites?

What kind of surveys does the platform give, and how does it pay? These are crucial questions that linger in many people’s minds and which Surveys Examiner is ready to answer. We go the extra mile to research exhaustively, to give you clear information that you can use.

Let’s go through this E-poll review together and see if it is the paid surveys’ platform for you.

What is E-poll?

E-poll Surveys

Established back in 1997, the E-poll surveys platform is a market research firm that specializes mainly in the entertainment sector.  They provide a forum so that people can express their opinions on anything and everything and always try to show the surveyor’s voice through their own honest surveys.

E-poll’s membership is 100% and offers a unique opportunity for you to make good money depending on the number of questionnaires you fill. The platform will ask questions that influence decisions made by:

  • Movie studios
  • Celebrities & agents
  • Top advertisers
  • TV executives
  • Favorite musicians
  • Athletes & leagues

E-poll, which positions itself among the great survey sites, was founded by Philpott Gerry, who prides on over 30 years of experience in the media industry. The survey platform is currently run by bridge Entertainment Inc., a company that is fully recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

With E-poll, anyone has a chance to be heard in the entertainment and media industry. If you don’t have an account with E-poll yet, you can visit their official site to sign up and have a say in what gets into your TV.

Let’s dive even deeper into this E-poll review and try to answer your most pressing queries.

Is E-poll a Scam?

The answer to this is a resounding “NO.” The E-poll survey platform is certainly a legit site and not a scam. In fact, this is one of the most widely reviewed survey sites on the Web, and among the most promising ones.

The ultimate goal of this platform is to offer honest opinions to their clients, from their wide panelists base. It is one of the great survey sites that you should have a serious thought, about including them in your side hustles list.

Unlike some surveying websites that spam your inbox with thousands of emails, E-poll doesn’t. The platform takes your preferences carefully and, only sends you the surveys they feel you’d be most interested in.

You can regulate how many surveys you receive by email a month, and therefore certain that you’ll never have more than the amount you’ve chosen. This answers the ultimate question – is E-poll safe? And whose answer is an outstanding “Yes.”

How is E-poll Legitimate?

E-poll is a no-beating-around-the-bush, open, and blatantly honest website. They will pay you money just to get your opinion on products, entertainment, and much more. E-poll is legitimate because the membership is absolutely free; you have no obligation and no hassle to worry about by signing up.

New members, however, do immediately get entered into a drawing so that they have the potential to win one of four $250 cash prizes.  Just by signing up, you instantly have the opportunity to earn money.

How Does E-Poll Work?

Before we can start the sign-up process, it’s prudent first to understand how E-poll works. This way, once you are in, it’s making money all the way without much hassle. That’s what this e-poll market research review is all about – helping you understand the nitty-gritty of this platform.

Like numerous other survey sites, E-poll is a market research firm that collects consumer data for their clients. The platform, which mainly specializes in the entertainment and media industry, pays its panelists for completing various surveys through points.

For every survey you answer, you receive points based on the type of survey. When these points accumulate to a certain level, you can decide to redeem them as gift cards to your favorite store.

So, if you were planning to gift yourself a nice sneaker or buy some household items, your E-poll points can easily sort you out. All you need is to complete those surveys faithfully, earn yourself points, and smile all the way to your favorite retail store.

The best thing with E-poll is that unlike most other survey platforms, where you have to keep checking the website for surveys, here you can relax and wait. E-poll surveys will send you targeted survey invites through your email. How fun is that – just sit back and wait for the invites.

The only thing you must do is ensure that your profile is complete to allow E-poll to match your demographics with the ideal surveys.

Who Can Sign Up for E-poll?

Anyone thirteen years or older can sign up for E-poll. However, E-poll only offers its services to US citizens.  If you are a United States teenager or older considering making money on the side or turning this into a full-time job, E-poll is an excellent surveying website to start at.

E-poll Surveys review: Getting Started

E-poll sign-up

Although the entire sign up process is easy and straightforward, I intend to make things even easier with this E-poll review. These four simple steps show you exactly how to sign up for E-poll and make yourself some bucks.

  1. Registration

The E-poll surveys platform registration process is 100% free. You can create your account by visiting their official website

To complete the sign-up process, you have to complete your profile by answering a few questions (around 10). These questions will help set up your profile in terms of demographics necessary when allocating surveys. Some details you’ll need to provide here include your name, email, address, gender, etc.

You will also need to confirm your email to ensure that it’s the right one for future survey invites.

  1. Take the First Survey

Right after registration, E-poll will send you the first survey. Complete it faithfully and submit. This first survey will earn you a whopping 100 points, just like that.

And it’s not even long. Although a bit longer than most of the subsequent surveys, it only takes around 10-15 minutes at most. The awarded points will reflect on your dashboard in no time, and you can start accumulating your points.

One thing you must remember, though, this first survey is quite important. Be consistent with the answers you provide as they also determine the type of surveys you receive in the future. Try not to be cunning lest you get your account suspended even before you begin.

  1. Wait For More Surveys

After the registration and the completion of the first survey, all you have to do is wait. E-poll doesn’t contain an option for picking surveys from the website. Instead, all their surveys are sent via email to targeted panelists.

This means that when they have a survey that matches your demographics, you’ll certainly find it in your inbox. How convenient is that! You don’t have to keep checking their websites for surveys, which is one thing I really like about this survey site.

As for the frequency of surveys, expect around 1 survey per month, although this number rises as you complete more surveys. Every survey contains specific reward points, which you can clearly see before starting the survey.

  1. Redeem Your Rewards

This is the last step of this process. Once you’ve earned your points, it is time to turn them into cash. You can redeem these points only after hitting the minimum withdrawal threshold of $5, or around 3,500 points.

Even better, each survey you complete automatically gets you a ticket into their cash draw of $1,000. Yes, really! You can walk home with $1,000 if you win.

How Does E-poll Make Payments?

E-poll rewards

Like most other paid survey platforms, E-poll uses a point system to reward its surveyors. With this system, your efforts determine how much you ear. The more surveys you can complete, the higher your earnings will be.

Before you can redeem your rewards, however, you have to reach at least 3,750 points the equivalent of $5.00. On the other hand, the maximum you can withdraw is $10, or 18,750 points.

You can easily redeem your points either through PayPal or via various gift card options. And after withdrawing, you’ll wait for around 6 to 8 weeks to receive your reward.

The trick to earning more money with E-poll is to accumulate more points and redeem at the maximum threshold.

How do I mean?

The more points you have, the better your points-cash exchange rate. For instance:

If you redeem the minimum, 3,750 points, you receive $5. On the other hand, if you redeem the maximum, 18,750 points, you get $30. When you do this math, you’ll see that points have more value in the latter scenario, with 625 points representing one dollar. This is higher than the $1 for 750 points in the first case.

E-poll is an excellent source for all your surveying needs. If you’re considering becoming a professional surveyor, you need to add E-poll to the numerous survey websites you’ll use in your arsenal of success.

Thanks to their honesty and desire for your specific opinion, E-poll is made out to be a charming and tight-knit community that cares about you, what you have to think, and what you have to say.

E-poll Review: How Much Can I Make?

As mentioned earlier, an E-poll survey will take at most 15 minutes to complete. The platform even sends you such a message right after you sign up.

Since these surveys will usually earn you around 500 each, on average, it means that you can earn up to 2000 points in one hour – when you have a good flow of invites.

Assuming we use the lower points-to-cash exchange rate of 625 points for $1, it means that you can easily make $3.2 an hour.

Again, let’s assume you complete surveys just one hour a day for 20 days a month based on survey availability. It, therefore, means that you can make around $3.2 *20 days, which is around $64 a month.

It might not seem like much, but this is just an average, which can change significantly upwards if you get more survey invites. Also, remember its money earned during your free time.

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Pros of E-poll,

  • 100% free to register with the platform
  • Simple and convenient surveys sent via email
  • It offers a signup bonus of 100
  • Low cashout threshold of mere $5
  • Accredited by BBB (A+), which makes it a legit site
  • Payouts available in cash, gift cards, charity, and sweepstakes entries
  • Offers reward points available for even disqualified surveys
  • Generous points for every survey done
  • Available for teenagers as young as thirteen years

Cons of E-poll

  • Available for US residents only
  • Long waiting periods for payouts, sometimes between 4 to 6 weeks
  • Poor website design that might be confused for a scam site
  • It doesn’t have a referral program
  • Few surveys, sometimes only one survey a month
  • Surveys do expire after a certain period
  • Lack of a mobile app, although you can still use your mobile browser to complete surveys

E-poll review: What We Think about the Platform

Despite the few drawbacks mention above, E-poll surveys have gained the trust of many people worldwide.  Every E-poll review you see on the Internet mostly talks of how a great survey site E-poll is.

The fact that the platform focuses on surveys about entertainment and media products makes it even more loved. It is one of the most fun surveys you can take during your free time. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a great DVD when relaxing for free?

The platform is also BBB accredited, which means that you don’t have to worry about its legitimacy. And although E-poll might, sometimes, fall short of surveys – not always. I have seen instances where I could receive even up to 4 surveys a day.

In my opinion, if you are planning to add paid surveys to your side hustles list, the E-poll surveys platform should certainly be there. Combine it with other popular survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars, and you can enjoy the easy, sweet money from paid surveys.

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  • It Offers a Signup Bonus of 100
  • Simple and Convenient Surveys Sent via Email
  • 100% Free to Register
  • Accredited by BBB (A+
  • Available for Teenagers


  • Available for US Residents Only
  • Long Waiting Periods for Payouts
  • Few Furveys
  • Lack of a Mobile App
  • No Referral Program